Spring & Summer Cleaning #Spon

This is a sponsored post. All words and thoughts are my own.

Wow, June already. It’s such a cliché but I’m really turning into my mother with sayings like “This year is going so quick!”. It is though, and I’ve not got half the things done that I’d planned since my last blog update two months ago. I’ve certainly been busy though.

I don’t know about you but when spring comes, and even more so when summer starts to make an appearance, I get a strong nesting instinct and need to give my house and garden a good spring clean and often a decorating makeover. I have resisted the makeover so far, but the spring cleaning is well underway.

We have laminate flooring downstairs and that regularly gets swept and mopped throughout the week. Our hallway and bedrooms are carpeted which I obviously hoover regularly, but spring and summer signify the time to start deep cleaning the carpets. Out comes the wet and dry cleaner and the carpet shampoo.  It’s shamefully shocking just how much dirt comes up. It certainly burns off a few calories doing it too. A great form of exercise whilst making the home look fresh and bright again.

small white dog on a beige carpet checking a stick for spring and summer cleaning

I’m not a big fan of gadgets generally but I do have a few for the home that I wouldn’t be without. Another favourite of mine is my steam cleaner. Luckily, we have a water softener installed which reduces the limescale tremendously, but I do like to give the taps and toilets an extra going over with the steam cleaner. They come up good as new.

The garden paths and patio got a good wash too with the jet cleaner. It’s surprisingly therapeutic working up and down with the jet spray and seeing how much staining washes off. I always do the white UPVC on the doors and window frames too, the jet wash makes light work of it.  I’m very careful to keep my husband away from cleaning gadgets though as he once went through the conservatory roof, but that’s another story!

Next job is restaining the garden fences, but today I’m going to enjoy the sunshine with a good book.

Anyone else get the cleaning bug when the sun appears?
What are your favourite household gadgets?


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2 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Cleaning #Spon

  1. I LOVE a bit of spring/summer cleaning, though it seems to be a constant work-in-progress that’s never finished. I’ll try to pace so I’m not exhausted and in agony too quickly, but then I fall behind on things and can’t get it all done. But, it does have a cathartic, uplifting thing about it, doesn’t it? Clearing things out, decluttering, making the garden pretty, refreshing everything. I bit the bullet and bought a Shark cordless vac at Christmas as a household gift and it’s been absolutely fantastic, so some gadgets really can be very helpful and a good investment. Good luck with the fence!
    Caz xx

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