Stomping at the Klub Foot – A Tribute to 1980s Psychobilly

This feature has now been moved to my music site, UK Psychobilly Gig Guide & Archives, which features the band pages for King Kurt, Guana Batz, Epileptic Hillbillys, a yearly gig guide and psychobilly archives including Stomping at the Klub Foot. Please join us over there as I have lots more interviews and features to come.

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10 thoughts on “Stomping at the Klub Foot – A Tribute to 1980s Psychobilly

  1. I read the Klub Foot dates comparing them to my army career (four years) which basically coincided with it hence I never went though had been buying the music prior to 85 when I joined and caught up in 89 when I left. I got active then but had missed the heyday. Four years to us no is nothing but back then buying records in 1989 that came out in 1985 was a huge void. Plus when you lived in the back and beyond once Sounds & NME turned their backs on psychobilly you had to do a lot of digging to find out if it still existed! Loved the page and seeing some young faces I got to know years later.

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  2. Loved doing the stage as roadie for the guana batz and loved attending many more gigs , both upstairs and downstairs. It’s never been replicated anywhere in the world, despite efforts by numerous promoters. The atmosphere was unique but it was the time, especially at the start and middle of the heyday that affords the fondest memories for me. Another great article jo

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  3. Wow! You’ve gone do well compiling and listing all of those gigs. How lucky that so many who went to
    the Klub Foot actually saved their flyers and tickets!
    I loved that place and spent many a night there, I even remember passing out once during The Meteors, as it was so hot!
    I think I saw The Meteors, Restless & The Highliners there the most.
    Thanks Jo x

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