Turning Left Around The World by David C Moore

If you are a regular visitor to Tea and Cake for the Soul, you will know that my reading habits are generally of the chick lit variety, but you will also know of my wanderlust. When I heard about the book Turning Left Around The World by David C Moore, I couldn’t wait for it to land, if you pardon the pun. Not only do I love reading about other people’s travel experiences, especially when written in a humourous vein, but I was also wondering if it might give me ideas for future travel adventures of my own.

background of a beach with stormy sky with the book cover of turning left around the world by David C Moore to the foreground. Book cover has a couple walking down the steps of a plane


For some people, retirement dreams can consist of comfy slippers and gardening. Not so David and Helene, whose dream was of adventure. They presented Audley Travel with the challenge of exploring the history, landscape, wildlife, people, and food in fifteen countries over ten months. Fortunately, they were up to the task so David and Helene traded their slippers and gardening gloves for 53 flights, 30 trains, 8 boats, 3 cruise ships, 1 light aircraft, I hot air balloon, a motorbike and sidecar, countless speedboats, taxis, tuk-tuks, cycles, and bicycles. And a disobedient horse.

My thoughts: There is so much that I want to share with you from this book but can’t through not wanting to spoil your reading. It was absolutely fascinating. What you get here is an ample sized paperback that is told by David about the trip of a lifetime that he took with his wife, Helene. It is about their personal experiences but also filled with history and factual information. Suffice to say, I did have to keep stopping to give my family titbits of interesting information. It was like watching the Discovery Channel but in a book.

As all the chapters are fairly short (they are broken down into places visited for 3-5 days), it’s easy to pick up and put down over several days and really absorb all that information.  The book has a photo at the start of each chapter as well as a few more dotted throughout the book. I would have liked to have seen a few more but as the scenes were described so perfectly, I could imagine it myself.

I loved the relationship between Helene and David. David comes across as a typical English gent with that quirky sense of humour that only another Brit can get. Helene is the organiser and the ‘carer’ that so many of us have to be to our husbands “you need more layers on”. Yep, we all do it. She is also the brunt of her husband’s loveable teasing even though she is prepared to have a go at new experiences. It comes across really well. I would like to say to Helene that you are not alone in a “Magic Kingdom Moment”, yep I had one too and my family still tease me mercilessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think it would make a great present for anyone who likes travel, nature, or history of other cultures and customs. Or just go ahead and treat yourself, it really is a great read.

About the Author: David owned and managed a London marketing agency for 15 years, creating advertising campaigns to promote iconic international brands including Mars, Kellogg’s, Disney, and Coca-Cola. Following the sale of his agency in 1999 he became one of the leading Consultant Marketing Directors in the UK, steering business in the launch or re-launch of their consumer brands including B&Q, Direct Line, and RBS. David lives in Berkshire with his wife Helene.  Visit David Moore’s website to read more about the book including a downloadable prologue.

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David C Moore

Have you read this book?
Or do you have other travel books to recommend?

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2 thoughts on “Turning Left Around The World by David C Moore

  1. This sounds like a brilliant book! There’s so much of the world I’d like to see, so wonder if this would give me some inspiration for new places to visit. I will add it to my reading list!

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