Best Travel Books – Guide Books & Personal Memoirs

Find the best travel guide books and travel memoirs to inspire your own wanderlust. Whether you want to find a book to plan your own travel itinerary or just experience someone else's travel stories, you will find some great recommendations here.

The Lockdown Monologues & Other Stories

A selection of worldwide stories about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted lives. Stories are written with serious and humourous slants including The Lockdown Monologues and Cake Anyone by Liz Chamption.

Chick Lit & Non Fiction Books Set In London

There are 1,000s of fiction and non-fiction books set in London. In this post you will find some of my favourites including Christmas fiction, real life experiences and the latest chick lit and women's fiction set in London.

Books About Ska, Punk, & New Wave

a selection of book recommendations from the ska, punk, new wave and 2Tone eras. Many available to read free on Kindle Unlimited

The Menopause Monologues 1 & 2 by Harriet Powell

Read my thoughts on The Menopause Monologues, 2 books full of varying personal experiences of menopause. Buying this will also benefit the charity Shelter - find out how.

33 Percent Rockstar by S.C. Sterling – Book Review

The review for 33 Percent Rockstar by S C Sterling has now moved to the post Books about Ska, Punk and New Wave.   Check out more of MY RECOMMENDED READS which includes fiction and non-fiction reviews.   This is one of three Reviews of the Month for the review collection on

Men …Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin – Book Review

I'm sure there are millions of self help books for women relating to menopause and women's health in general. "Men ... Let's Talk Menopause" by Ruth Devlin is the first I've heard of that's aimed at men. Now I will hold my hand up and say that I didn't really notice it was for men … Continue reading Men …Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin – Book Review

Sex Drive by Stephanie Theobald – Book Excerpt

Book Excerpt from Stephanie Theobald's Sex Drive: On the Road to a Pleasure Revolution containing strong sexual description involving bisexuality and masturbation.

Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek & Dave Philpott

For more than a decade, Derek Philpott and his son, Dave, have been writing to pop stars from the 1960s to the 90s to take issue with the lyrics of some of their best-known songs. But then, to their great surprise, the pop stars started writing back... Dear Mr Pop Star contains 100 of Derek and … Continue reading Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek & Dave Philpott