My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews

Being a blogger is more than just writing your own posts and hitting publish. It can be hard to find your audience and gain followers when you first start out. A great way to get your blog and your words out there is to take part in guests posts, collaborations, interviews and link/photo contributions. Hopefully, … Continue reading My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews


Blogging at Tea and Cake for the Soul

As you may know, I've taken part in a couple of blogging challenges in the past and from time to time give a round-up of my blog posts and stats for both readers and bloggers.  I also write the occasional blogging tips post. You can find links to all blogging related posts at Tea and … Continue reading Blogging at Tea and Cake for the Soul

How to Pack for a Road Trip

I'm very pleased to have recently guest posted on the wonderful blog website Diary of a Detour sharing my tips on How to Pack for a Road Trip. I hope you'll go and give it a read and have a look around the website while you are there as there's some great travel stories, fitness tips, … Continue reading How to Pack for a Road Trip