Apple Cake Recipe for Apple Day

Have you heard of World Apple Day? What better way to celebrate it than by sharing this apple cake recipe and remind you of a few other easy autumnal puddings and cakes made with the humble apple.  This is a lovely stodgy pudding type cake which is nice to eat cold by the slice or great … Continue reading Apple Cake Recipe for Apple Day

Fruity Apple Coconut Squares

Fruity Apple Coconut Squares is an amazing versatile treat that can be served hot as a pudding or cold as a cake. The original recipe is based on an old school dinner pudding and apples were the fruit of choice. I have since made this with so many different fruits.  I quite often make with strawberries … Continue reading Fruity Apple Coconut Squares

Gluten & Dairy Free Apple & Blackberry Crumble

I'd love to share my quick apple and blackberry crumble recipe with you today, which is easy to make gluten and dairy free if desired. I've also included a couple of variations and tips. There seems to be an abundance of blackberries in hedgerows all over the south of England this year.  We collected a … Continue reading Gluten & Dairy Free Apple & Blackberry Crumble