Blackberry Muffins Recipe (with Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free & Chocolate Options)

A delicious easy fruit muffin recipe that can be used with blackberries, strawberries, pears and apples. There are even chocolate, dairy free and gluten free options.

Christmas Crack – Chocolate Saltine Toffee Recipe

Highly addictive chocolatey tray bake also known as Christmas Crack!

Tropical Chocolate Ganache

Here is a very quick and easy, no-bake recipe for Tropical Chocolate Ganache. It's an extremely moreish tart and as it has fruit on it surely that means it's ok to eat anytime right! (Disclaimer: that comment is obviously for cake lovers or for people who try to justify when it's a good time to … Continue reading Tropical Chocolate Ganache

Dairy & Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

A deliciously moreish chocolate brownie recipe that is gluten free and dairy free, made with sweet potatoes. Trust me, they're really good!

Rich Dark Chocolate Brownie Recipe

A quick and easy rich dark chocolate brownie recipe, along with user tips and suggestions for substitute ingredients to make it dairy-free.

Rich Chocolate Superberry Cake

Today I made this rich chocolate superberry cake from a recipe that I adapted from a cappuccino cake, replacing the coffee with strawberry yoghurt and the cocoa powder with cacao. It is the lightest, moist most sublime cake I have ever made or tasted. INGREDIENTS FOR THE CAKE 50g Cacao powder 6tbsp boiling water 3 … Continue reading Rich Chocolate Superberry Cake

Sunrises and Sunsets – Road Trip USA Days 2 & 3

Road Trip Feb 2015 – London – Los Angles/Orange County – San Diego  – Palm Springs – Las Vegas Friday & Saturday (days 2/3) Huntington Beaches, Orange County As I said we chose to stay in Sunset Beach which is part of the Huntington Beaches about 45 mins drive from LAX. We were planning on … Continue reading Sunrises and Sunsets – Road Trip USA Days 2 & 3

Giant White Chocolate Cookies & Cookie Dough Pie

This family recipe makes 4 giant white chocolate cookies, or a cookie dough pie, that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Perfect served warm with ice cream.

Chocolate Coconut Weetabix Slice

Ingredients: 125g of butter 150g flour 85g of desiccated coconut 140g sugar 5 wheat biscuits 150-200g of dark chocolate 30g butter Method: 1. Melt butter in a pan on a low heat. 2. Mix in flour, desiccated coconut, sugar and wheat biscuits. 3. Take off the heat and make sure all ingredients are well mixed … Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Weetabix Slice

Chocolate and Raisin Squares

Warning, these Chocolate and Raisin Squares are so absolutely moreish you will just want to keep eating and eating it so make sure you have company when you make them as you're going to put on a few lb otherwise! They are very quick and easy to make. INGREDIENTS 100g butter 3 tablespoons of syrup 400g … Continue reading Chocolate and Raisin Squares