An Afternoon of Tea & Cake for the Soul

An Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul is where I get to chat with other bloggers to find out their thoughts and experiences on all the subjects that I cover on my blog.  I decided to share my favourites to kick things off, but you can find links to all my other guests at … Continue reading An Afternoon of Tea & Cake for the Soul


Menopausal Beach Body Blues

I'm a middle-aged menopausal woman who has put on a fair few inches around the midriff over the last couple of years. "Thickening" is the official term for it. It's another of the many crap things that Mother Nature decides to throw at us as a reward for surviving decades of periods. Now, I exercise … Continue reading Menopausal Beach Body Blues

Easy Butterscotch Tart – Old School Dinner Recipes

When I was at school many decades ago, my favourite part of school dinners was the butterscotch tart that they'd serve for pudding sometimes. Luckily for me, my mum became a dinner lady and asked the cook for the recipe. She cut down the quantities and played around with it and this was the result. … Continue reading Easy Butterscotch Tart – Old School Dinner Recipes

Dairy & Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

This recipe was given to me by a dear friend when I changed my diet to gluten and dairy free. On taking my first bite I was "hmmmm" unsure, but once the taste and texture had sunk in I was "mmmm" heaven. Totally moorish and addictive and it has been pretty much a weekly treat … Continue reading Dairy & Gluten Free Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

More Chocolate Brownies

Here’s another brownie recipe favoured in our household. Very quick and easy to make. Ingredients 100g butter 100g bar dark chocolate 2 small eggs 125g sugar 60g plain flour Pinch salt Teaspoon vanilla essence Variation – substitute regular butter and chocolate with a free-from variety to make dairy free (Coconut Vitalite is good for this recipe) … Continue reading More Chocolate Brownies

Dairy Free Apple & Blackberry Crumble

There seems to be an abundance of blackberries in hedgerows all over the South this year so we collected a couple of punnets full during a woodland walk yesterday and I made this quick and easy Apple and Blackberry Crumble.  It's very cheap if you have foraged blackberries, and is a perfect comfort-eat pudding for … Continue reading Dairy Free Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Oaty Banana Breakfast Cakes – Gluten & Dairy Free

Earlier in the year, I opted for a wheat free, dairy free diet to see if it would improve some health problems that I was having.  I was already having a healthy diet but I did like a cake or chocolately treat now and then, mostly at the weekends or on a particular workday during … Continue reading Oaty Banana Breakfast Cakes – Gluten & Dairy Free