Crowdsourcing & Social Media

I have recently set up a crowdsourcing group for Tea & Cake for the Soul and wanted to invite you to join me if you'd like to. Read on to find out what you can get out of it and what you can expect to find on my various social media pages. FACEBOOK CROWDSOURCING GROUP This … Continue reading Crowdsourcing & Social Media


My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews

Being a blogger is more than just writing your own posts and hitting publish. It can be hard to find your audience and gain followers when you first start out. A great way to get your blog and your words out there is to take part in guests posts, collaborations, interviews and link/photo contributions. Hopefully, … Continue reading My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews

Blogmas 2018 Completed

Blogmas was the last thing on my mind after completing Blogtober, but in the final hour, I decided to take part in this blogging challenge. One post every day for the month of December. 23 brand new posts and eight updated posts that fit in with the theme of Christmas and giving. All the usual … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 Completed

I’ve Received My First Blogger Award!

I was chuffed to bits to have been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by Zesh Life. Thank you so much, it's my very first award. Whilst I blog as a hobby for my enjoyment, it's so nice to know that others get pleasure reading my thoughts too.  Zesh Life is a great mix of … Continue reading I’ve Received My First Blogger Award!

National Poetry Day 2018

Until recently I hadn't read any poetry for decades, but it can be very enjoyable and so easy to read when you only have a few minutes to spare. This was originally published for  National Poetry Day, day 4 of Blogtober18. I thought it would be nice to spread the word and give you a few examples … Continue reading National Poetry Day 2018