Alternative Christmas Albums

Well surprise surprise, I'm not really a fan of Christmas music! Are you seeing a theme here?  However, I do get a bit sentimental over Christmas past and certain songs will transport me right back to a time when I did enjoy the holidays. There are two essential albums for me to listen to at some … Continue reading Alternative Christmas Albums


A Miracle on Hope Street

A Miracle on Hope Street by Emma Heatherington is probably one of my favourite Christmas books ever. Ruth Ryan seemingly has it all but feels the loneliest person in the world. Yes, sound familiar? Finding out that one random act of kindness from her past altered someone's future, made Ruth take a decision that would alter … Continue reading A Miracle on Hope Street

Essential Christmas Movies

Christmas movies do something a bit strange to us all, don't they? It's a time when we will sit for hours watching the most inane rubbish that wouldn't get a look in the rest of the year. And we thoroughly enjoy it at that! But of course, there are some absolute classics that are magical … Continue reading Essential Christmas Movies

15 Free & Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Have you noticed how children have more and more teachers now? Your child may be in a pre-school or nursery where there are 6-8 teachers who all interact with your child. Even in an infants school, there could be up to 6 teachers and assistants. Having lots of staff is lovely for your children as … Continue reading 15 Free & Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

My Blogmas Schedule

Many of you will have seen my Blogtober posts in October of a blog every day for the entire month. Well in the final hour I decided to do Blogmas – the Christmas blogging challenge for December! I’m still working on a few final posts but I hope you’ll find a month of varied content. … Continue reading My Blogmas Schedule

What is Blogmas? What’s Coming and How to Participate

What is Blogmas? Oh Oh! Haven't I just done that? No that was Blogtober. A blog post every day for the month of October. Well, guess what? There's also a Blogmas, and as much as I had no intention of doing it so soon after Blogtober, I had a change of heart. Read on to … Continue reading What is Blogmas? What’s Coming and How to Participate