Is cheaper pre-packed food making us waste more plastic? #PlasticFreeJuly #GOplasticfree

Programmes like Blue Planet have massively raised awareness of the damage that plastic is causing to our environment, and this month's campaign for a Plastic Free July has had many people make an effort to lessen their plastic usage.  If you’ve read any of my other blogs you will know that I’m a keen recycler … Continue reading Is cheaper pre-packed food making us waste more plastic? #PlasticFreeJuly #GOplasticfree


Menopausal Beach Body Blues

I'm a middle aged menopausal woman who has put on a fair few inches around the midriff over the last couple of years. "Thickening" is the official term for it. It's another of the many crap things that Mother Nature decides to throw at us as a reward for surviving decades of periods. Now, I … Continue reading Menopausal Beach Body Blues

Natural Born Carers and Healers

I've recently written about a series of books I've read by Debbie Johnson called the Comfort Food Cafe. The owner of the cafe and matriarch of Budbury is called Cherie Moon. I don't know about you but when I'm reading I can often identify certain character traits with people I know in real life. My … Continue reading Natural Born Carers and Healers

I’ve been published in The Lady!

I come from a working class background and would never had thought in a million years that I would ever have any connection with The Lady magazine. I picked up a copy at the airport recently and was surprised to find that some of the articles interested me. (Obviously the classified section where people were … Continue reading I’ve been published in The Lady!

Children of the 70s – Where’s the joke?

Our entire household is struck down with this horrible flu bug. “New Year New Me” has clearly gone out the window as we are all existing on Lucozade, fruit sweets and paracetamol. I particularly crave treats from my childhood when I’m ill and the freezer is now loaded up with ice lollies. Earlier I happily … Continue reading Children of the 70s – Where’s the joke?

Fifty and feeling it!

Yesterday I was attending hosptial with my 75 year old father who was having some tests. I'd already thought that the Dr looked about 12 so was kind of feeling my age. A lovely young Nursing Assistant (she was around 18 I guess) came up to do dad's observations and we instantly thought that we'd … Continue reading Fifty and feeling it!