Christmas Blogmas 2020

It’s certainly a strange year, I even put my tree up in November, but as it’s 1st December I feel it’s socially acceptable to talk about the C word now. Once again I will be sharing a Christmas themed post on my social media, every day during the month of December 2020 for Blogmas.

I hope to get a few new posts written as well, but I will be updating my old Christmas posts to make sure they are right up to date.  You will find recipes, gift ideas, ways to be kind to those in need and the environment, as well as book, movie and music recommendations.

If you’d rather go straight to the posts that interest you, you can access all my Christmas posts below. I hope there will be something useful or interesting.

If you’re a blogger you can find out more about this blog challenge in my post What is Blogmas?

banner with text Tea & Cake for the Soul BLOGMAS on a white wood background with pinecones and green pine needles sharing Christmas themed blog posts throughout December including recipes, gift idea, books, movies, music and ways to help charities and the environment


Chocolate Saltine Toffee aka Christmas Crack
Nan’s Christmas Stuffing
Chicken or Turkey Curry

View all recipes HERE for more cakes, cookies, deserts, mains and soups.


* Gifts for All Occasions
* Gifts for Book Lovers
* Budget Friendly Gifts for Teachers
* DIY Alternative to Christmas Cards
* Upcycled Gift Ideas for Music Lovers


* Festive Women’s Fiction for Christmas
* Heartwarming Christmas Chick Lit
* Free Christmas Kindle Reads


* Essential Alternative Christmas Albums
* Christmas Eve Rockin Playlist
* Must See Christmas Movies
* Netflix Christmas Movies


* How to Make Ecobricks From Your Christmas Waste
* How to Reuse, Recycle & Redistribute Your Rubbish at Christmas


How to Give to Charity for Free or on a Budget
Penny Jar Project
* 50 Random Acts of Kindness

I love getting feedback on my posts, so please leave a comment on any that you find useful or interesting.


Or if you are a blogger doing the Blogmas challenge this Christmas, please let me know so that I can have a read of some of your posts too.

Have a good one everybody!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Blogmas 2020

  1. I actually wrote two Christmas posts, but I’m not participating in this challenge. it’s fun but it takes too much time;) I wrote about my favourite Christmas movies & music. I’ve read some of your past Christmas posts:)

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  2. We put our tree up on Sunday – so even though still November it was actually the start of Advent so we were allowed! Looking forward to reading your blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, now that’s an interesting way to do it. I never thought of sharing past Christmas posts. Well, I will look forward to reading your blogmas posts each day.

    Liked by 1 person

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