The Lockdown Monologues & Other Stories

One thing to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown is creativity.  Whether it’s been writing, painting, gardening or music, many people have used their time wisely.

In this post, I share some reviews and recommendations of books that have been written about lockdown, including The Lockdown Monologues from Harriet Powell and Cake Anyone by Liz Champion. The Lockdown Monologues brings together a selection of experiences about the 2020 worldwide lockdown whilst Cake Anyone? is an amusing take on one family’s lockdown life in England.

Read on for more information about the books.

The Lockdown Monologues by Harriet Powell

greeny grey coloured book cover with a picture of a virus cell in the centre and the text The Lockdown Monolouges Life in the time of coronavirus compiled by Harriet Powell for a post containing a book review

You may remember my reviews of the books The Menopause Monologues by Harriet Powell, well The Lockdown Monologues are along the same lines but obviously lockdown related.

Harriet compiled the thoughts of people from all over the world between March and June 2020 for this 105 page paperback book. You will read about people of all ages and how Covid-19 impacted their health and daily lives.

Whilst we all know how Coronavirus and the lockdown impacted those closest to us, we may not have been quite so aware of how others abroad or in different jobs dealt with things.  Who knew when it started in March that we would all be affected by it for so long!

Reading this in November, it actually seems quite unbelievable what happened in the spring of 2020. It brings home how much people have been affected directly and indirectly by Covid-19, whether they became ill, served on the frontline, were unable to visit loved ones or got stranded abroad.

I think this would make a great Christmas stocking filler, or buy it for yourself to keep as a record this momentous period of our lifetimes.

Just like The Menopause Monologues, half of all profits go to the charity Shelter to help homelessness. This book is now available on Amazon.

Cake Anyone? by Liz Champion

book cover for Cake anyone by Liz Champion depicting a wonky cake for this book of stories about people in Coronavirus lockdown
Liz Champion started 2020 with optimism that she was going to make it a year to remember. Of course, like the rest of us, she could not have foreseen what was coming – Coronavirus and lockdown! 2020 was certainly a year of change!

Like many people, Liz suffered with anxiety during the pandemic, but started to blog about life in lockdown with a humorous slant. Cake Anyone? is a collection of her stories about the UK baking frenzy, finding de-stressing activities, parenting our rebel parents, moving house during a pandemic, and everything in between.

At about an hour’s read, it’s perfect to pick up with a cuppa when you need a smile. There are cute cartoon illustrations and I wholeheartedly agree that cake is a lockdown essential. 😏

I read on Kindle Unlimited but it’s also available in paperback and would make a nice little gift.

How have you all coped with lockdown?
Have you read any books that you’d like to recommend about lockdowns?

Authors Twitter @thelittletaboo @LizChamps

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