Blogtober 2020

That’s another Blogtober completed for 2020! Read on for links to all my Blogtober posts, find out what posts were readers’ favourites and which bloggers joined me in the blogging challenge to produce a post daily throughout October.

Like last year, I decided not to write a new post every day, but to rework some of my older posts as it’s good for SEO and, as I have new readers joining me every year, I hope there will be enough to interest everyone.

So without further ado, these are links to all my posts that were written and/or shared during October.

white banner with 4 orange pumpkins of various sizes with black text BLOGTOBER Tea & Cake for the Soul @Littlejojackson

My Blogtober Schedule 2020

1. (updated post) About Tea and Cake for the Soul

2. (new post) Feel Good & Uplifting Books for Autumn (World Smile Day) 

3. (updated post) A Celebration of Poets

4. (new post) Worthing Street Art

5. (recent post) Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers

6. (new post) Christmas Reading Challenge (Libraries Week)

7. (updated post) Blogtober Tips

8. (updated post) Easy Homemade Creamy Curry (Curry Week)
Vegetarian Curry

9. (new post) Gift & Subscription Boxes

10. (new post) World Mental Health Day 

11. (updated post) Crumble Recipe

12. (recent post) Laugh Out Loud Rom Coms

13. (recent post) Car Boot Sale Tips for Buyers

14. (reshare) Pumpkin Muffins & Cakes

15. (new post) Books about Menopause

16. (updated post) Tripfiction

17. (updated post) I Quit My Job Due To Menopausal Anxiety

18. (reshare) (World Menopause Day) Changing The Face of Menopause

19. (updated post) Gifts for Book Lovers

20. (new post) Waste Free Halloween

21. (reshare) Apple Coconut Squares – (Apple Day) 

22. (new post) Author Spotlight with Emma Heatherington

23. (recent post) Where to Buy & Sell Second Hand Goods

24. (reshare) 28 Random Acts of Kindness (Make a Difference Day)

25. (updated post) Halloween Pumpkin Art (International Artist’s Day)

26. (reshare) 3 Pumpkin Soup Recipes (Pumpkin Day)

27. (reshare) Poppies for Remembrance Day

28. (new post) Books for Dog Lovers

29. (reshare) Halloween Celebrations from Around the World

30. (updated post) Halloween Doggy Dress Up & Feline Fancy Dress

31. (new Post) Blogtober round up

If you like my writing please note that I am available for freelance content writing for your blog, website or publication.

Please read my Work With Me page and contact me to discuss your requirements.

Blogtober Stats

I created 10 new posts
I updated 10 posts
I reshared 4 recent posts
I reshared 7 old posts.

My blog was viewed over 6,000 times with more than 4,000 visitors.


block graph showing viewing figures for Jun to October with views around 3,500 each month except for October shown in pink with almost 7,000

My most viewed Blogtober posts were:

1. Change The Face of Menopause
2. Where to Find the Best Worthing Street Art
3. Books about Menopause

My most viewed organic October posts were:

1. Ecobricks
2. How to Cover up Borrowed Lights
3. Butterscotch Tart Recipe

Blogtober 2020 Bloggers & Supporters

This year Mandi at BigFamilyOrganisedChaos blog took over the reins again to host the challenge on her blog and Facebook Group.

Once again I was heavily supported by the Blogtober bloggers Kim at A Life of Kim, and Anne at Raisie Bay. Thanks once again ladies.

And of course, my regular loyal supporters: Dairy of a Detour, Pirates & Cowboys, A Little Book Problem, Invisibly Me, Mykie Writes, Jessie Cahalin, Wheelscapades, Laura and Mel, who all read, comment and share my posts on a regular basis. I am very grateful.

Other Blogtober bloggers that I’ve met and interacted with this year have been: Stressed Mum, Spoonie Mummy, This Glorious Life, Natalie’s Little Corner, Life with Jupiter and Nann, Kelly and the Kids, A Multitude of Musings and Daydreamer Mum to name a few. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you all through your blogs and I hope we will continue to be blogging friends.

What’s Next?
I have a new author spotlight coming next month, then it will be time to start sharing Christmas content, so do please join me on my social media channels for those.

I’m a third of the way into my 20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge and am well on target for that.

My next challenge is to learn Pinterest. It’s been suggested for years but I’ve never had the time before. So here goes …

What was your favourite post?
Did you do Blogtober 2020? I’d love to know how you found it.
Is anyone doing Blogmas this year or are you having a well deserved rest now?

If you need any tips about completing blog challenges, read my post about how to survive blog challenges

8 thoughts on “Blogtober 2020

  1. Wow! Blogtober made quite the impact on your views! Congratulations. I’m definitely going to have to try this sometime. Congrats on your success!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Updating old posts is a good idea. I started doing that… then haven’t done any for ages. Going back after a certain point is just so, so cringeworthy and I just want to delete it all!

    I’m wondering about changing the date to make them pop up as new posts, but I don’t know whether doing that on an old post would actually show up in the WP reader for people or not. No idea.

    I can’t quite believe it’s October either. Hope it’s a good month for you, Jo – enjoy the reading! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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