20 Books for Christmas 2020 Reading Challenge

As well as doing the Blogtober challenge every October, last year I created a new reading challenge.  The challenge runs from 1 October through to 31st December. As the challenge doesn’t strictly fall into all of autumn or winter, I decided to name it the 20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge.

It’s also Libraries Week this week, so there’s no better time than to get reading and become reacquainted with your local library.

Last year I was joined by several other book lovers to see if we could read 20 books between now and the Christmas period. I hope more of you will join us this year.

If you want to join us for the 20 Books for Christmas reading challenge 2021, head over to my new post HERE to find out more.

Alternatively, scroll down to see what books I read last year along with my recommended Christmas reading from years gone by.



Here are the books I’ve chosen for 20 Books for Christmas.  I have listed all the Christmas books in my TBR pile, and I will choose 20 as I go along. I wonder if I will succeed this time?

Bella Osborne – One Family Christmas ✓

Belinda Missen – One Week til Christmas ✓

Debbie Johnson – Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper ✓

D E Malone – Love Like Fire ✓

Emily Harvale – Just for Christmas ✓

Emma Heatherington – Secrets in the Snow ✓

Emma Burstall – Christmas at the Cornish Guest House ✓

Fay Keenan – Snowflakes Over Bay Tree Terrace ✓

Georgia Toffolo – Meet Me In London ✓

Hazel Prior – Away With The Penguins ✓

Heidi Swain – The Winter Garden ✓

Izzy Bayliss – The Girl I was Before ✓

Jennifer Faye – A Mistletoe Kiss ✓

Jennifer Joyce – 12 Christmasses of You and Me ✓

Jo Bartlett – Christmas With the Cornish Midwives ✓

Jo Thomas – Finding Love at the Christmas Market ✓

Jenny Baylis – The Twelve Dates of Christmas ✓

Jessica Redland – Starry Skies Over the Chocolate Pot Cafe ✓

Jesscia Redland – Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes ✓

Jules Wake – Covent Garden in the Snow ✓

Karen Swan – Together by Christmas ✓

Katlyn Duncan – Wrapped Up for Christmas ✓

Kate Hewitt – A Vicarage Christmas ✓

Laura Barnard – Sex, Snow & Mistletoe ✓

Lacey London – Clara at Christmas ✓

Lucy Coleman – Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage ✓

Lindsey Kelk – Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas ✓

Lindzee Armstrong – Match me by Christmas ✓

Lindzee Armstong – Mistletoe Match ✓

Maxine Morray – The Christmas Project ✓

Melissa Hill – 12 Dogs of Christmas ✓

Melissa Hill – Beneath the Stars ✓

Melissa Hill – The Christmas Escape ✓

Melissa Hill – A Weekend in Paris ✓

Phillipa Ashley – A Surprise Christmas Wedding ✓

Phillipa Ashley – Christmas at the Cornish Cafe ✓

Rachel Wells – Alfie The Christmas Cat

Ruth Saberton – Winter Wishes ✓

Ruth Saberton – The Last Card ✓

Samantha Tonge – The Winter We Met ✓

Serenity Woods – White Hot Christmas ✓

Shari Low – One Day in Winter, Another Day in Winter, Last Day in Winter ✓

Sophie Clare – A Winter’s Dream ✓

Susan Schild – Christmas at The Lakeside Resort ✓

Zara Stonely – No-One Cancels Christmas ✓

Zara Stonely – The Holiday Swap ✓

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Will you be joining us with 20 Books for Christmas 2021?

Have you taken part in a reading challenge before?

Or perhaps another blog challenge such as Blogtober or Blogmas?

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23 thoughts on “20 Books for Christmas 2020 Reading Challenge

    • I never used to but I prefer reading books to watching tv. I also make a point to spend less time on social media but more time in a book. Btw I enjoyed your post today but unable to comment. I’m getting an invalid security token message which I get sometimes but no idea why. I will try again tomorrow.


  1. What a great challenge, I would struggle to read one book during this time, let alone the whole list. Good luck x

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  2. I don’t know what I find more daunting; Christmas being around the corner or the thought of reading 20 books! lol This is an amazing list, I might actually task myself to complete it for 2021- I NEED to find the time to read more!

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  3. I can’t wait to join in with this one. Just in the process of setting up a blog and new social media for it. I shall sort out a pile/list of TBR books tomorrow after I’ve regained my bearings after a holiday. It shall be over on my blog and possibly also linked to some social media

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  4. sounds fabulous, but as I said on your Instagram I don’t know if I read 10 books this year! I might read two by Christmas, so definitely won’t be able to join in this challenge . but what a great idea! I love Christmas movies and Christmas books:)

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  5. ooooh, I’m not normally one to read Christmas stories, but I guess it would be nice way to get that Christmas feeling this year. I might do 10 Christmas, 10 my normal types of read…I’ll get thinking and work out my TBR pile. I’ll join in on my other blog, At Home A Lot 🙂

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  6. This is such a nice idea – I like your reasoning behind it. I may try and do this as it falls rather neatly over half term although I may have to spend some time reviewing which books to choose. I just bought Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry and it runs to about 850 pages. However I’m part way through Bracko’s book which is considerably less! I really don’t read enough at the moment!

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