Laugh Out Loud Rom Coms & Hilarious Women’s Fiction – 10 of the Best Chick Lit Books for Winter

Do you enjoy rom com (romantic comedy) films and books?

I do but humour is a very personal thing, isn’t it? One person’s snigger might cause another to laugh out loud. Something I might find mildly amusing could be hilarious to others. Here are my recommendations for some of the best chick lit and women’s fiction books that have made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

I hope you’ll find something here that tickles your fancy.

My recommendations for laugh out loud rom coms and hilarious women’s fiction books include:

Mary Jane Baker – The Never Have I Ever Club

Sophia Money-Coutts – The Wish List

Shari Low – What If?

Sophie Sinclair – Coffee Girl

Sophie Sinclair – The Make-up Artist

Tracy Bloom – Dinner Party

Kristen Bailey – Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?

Kirsty Greenwood – Yours Truly

Anna Bell – The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even



yellow book cover titled the never have i ever club by mary jayne baker picturing four hands holding up alcohol in bottles and glasses
The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jane Baker (2020) 5 star

The Never Have I Ever Club is a funny romantic comedy by award winning novelist Mary Jayne Baker.

After being dumped by the love of her life, Robyn and her friends decide to set up a carpe-diem club. Lots of the local villagers of all ages get on board as they try out some of their bucket list wishes independently and as a group.

There are some real laugh out loud moments alongside some heart breaking real life scenarios too. Throughout the book there is festive fun over Christmas, trips to the seaside, a wedding, some twin pranks and lots of community spirit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, a good mix of everything with some interesting characters.

Published June 2020 by Aria Fiction – also available on Kindle Unlimited.


blue book cover titled The Wish List by Sophia Money coutts picturing a woman with long dark hair sitting on the letter tea. This book is part of a post about laugh out loud rom coms and hilarious women's fiction books

The Wish List by Sophia Money Coutts (2020) 5 star

The Wish List is about 32-year-old Florence who has happily never had a proper boyfriend. It bothers others more than it bothers Flo.  So much so that her stepmother sets her up for a series of sessions with a Harley Street love counsellor who encourages her to make a wish list of her ideal man.

Her ‘ideal man’ comes along, but Flo starts to realise that her ideal man on paper might not be her ideal man in reality.This book is so funny, full of witty one-liners and eccentric characters. I found I could picture every person and every location. The sex scenes would be bordering on erotica if they weren’t so damn funny.  Amongst all the laughs there is also a sad chapter about animal antics, a Christmas festivity, and a wedding.

I really didn’t want to put this book down. The Wish List is hilarious and needs to go on your book wish list.

Sophia Money-Coutts a new author to me and she has already released The Plus One and What Happens Now?.


candy pink book cover for What If by Shari Low depeicting a woman walking along dragging a hand luggage suit case

What If? by Shari Lowe (2020) 5 star

What If? is a very funny story set back in the 90s. As the year 2000 is fast approaching, nightclub manager Carly Cooper decides that she needs to take stock of her life and settle down before she hits 30. She feels that one of the 6 great loves of her life, really could have been “the one” so she quits her job and sets off on an around the world trip to hunt down these 6 men.

The story flips back further in time where we witness a younger Carly fall in and out of love with a succession of boys/young men. These experience involve a lot of booze, varying amounts of sex, and take her to Benidorm, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London.

What If? is not only a good story in its own right, but it’s a fun trip down memory lane that had me remembering songs, tv shows, technology and the food mentioned. Supported by her troupe of childhood friends, this book is crying out to be made into a rom com movie.

What If? was originally published 20 years ago as Shari Low’s very first novel. 20 years and 20 books later this has been re-released in preparation for the 2021 sequel What Now?.  I can’t wait to read that.

Shari has such a witty way of writing that makes for an easy, fun read. This book is highly recommended and bound to put a smile on your face. If you like book that involves lots of travel you might want to check out my tripfiction post.


white book cover with text Coffee Girl by Sophie Sinclair with afaded photo of a young man standing behind the fret board of a guitar for a post of hilarious rom coms and loud out loud women's fiction books

Coffee Girl by Sophie Sinclair (2019) 5 star

Coffee Girl is so funny it had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Sophie Sinclair is another unknown author to me, but reading this book reminded me very much of the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk. Both authors have similar styles of writing.

The first half is very much a rom com/chick lit type of story, whereas the rest of the book is filled with drama and steamy sex. Yes ticks all the boxes right?

Kiki is a 26 year old stylist working on a men’s magazine alongside her stereotypical camp,  gay best friend, TJ. When she loses her job, her sister offers to employ her as her nanny with stringent clauses, but luckily her brother puĺls some strings and manages to get her on the team for a touring country singer.

Kiki goes on tour with the band and has to deal with trying to style a trashy singer, missent texts and misunderstandings. She and country boy Tatum, struggle to keep their relationship on a professional level and encounter lots of drama along the way.

This may all sound very ‘Nashville’ but it could be any music genre really. I’m sure every girl out there has had a pop star crush more than once in her life, so whilst it’s fiction, you’re all going to be able to identify with this.

This book is hot, flirty, sexy, and funny with some great characters. Chick lit at its finest.  It’s currently free on Kindle Unlimited so I highly recommend giving this a try.

book cover depticting a woman whispering into a man's ear with the title the make up artist by sophie sinclair

The Make-up Artist by Sophie Sinclair (2020) 4.5 star

Although The Make-up Artist can be read as a standalone you will get a better reading experience if you read Coffee Girl first.  This story follows on from Coffee Girl and is told by Sarah, the make-up artist and Lex, the guitarist.

This time the band and their team head off for a European tour starting in Lex’s home country of Ireland. There is less focus on the band this time and more about the relationships off stage.


The book is made up of lots of short snappy chapters that makes for another easy, fun and sexy read with several laugh out loud moments.  I especially love the character of TJ. He is so funny, especially when he gets together with Sarah and Kiki. I do hope there will be a follow on book in this series that will focus on him as a main character.

I look forward to reading the third part, The Social Hour.  All three parts of the Coffee Girl series are available on Kindle Unlimited.

pink book cover with silhouette of 6 people together and 1 person alone

Dinner Party by Tracy Bloom (2018) 4.5 star

I’ve read several books by Tracy Bloom and Dinner Party is probably my favourite.  Dinner Party is a fast-moving story is centered around 3 couples who meet up for monthly dinner parties, each taking turns to host. The three women, all very different, have known each other for years.

The first party of the story shows quite how differently men and women prepare for a dinner party, yes ladies you will all identify with this one. However, out of the blue, a new guest has been invited at the last minute, cue the panic about enough food and place settings! Little did they know that this extra guest would upset the entire balance of the dinner party and their lives from that day forward.

I’m always a bit dubious when a book claims to be “Laugh Out Loud” but this has several moments in the first half. It reminds me very much of the sort of humour that you would find in Dinner Ladies with Victoria Wood or Abigail’s Party for those of you who remember the black comedy of the 70s. Then the book takes a more serious turn and it certainly brings home quite how differently people see themselves and their relationship compared with how other people see them.

I won’t give you any spoilers but I love how each chapter (and there are 60 of them!) ends with a hint that something more is about to happen, but you don’t quite know what. You are left guessing throughout the story. I really enjoyed this and am happy to recommend it as part of my Recommended Reading Section. Tracy Bloom really does write some great rom com books.  You can also read my review of No-one Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs by Tracy Bloom HERE.

blue book cover titled Has anyone seenmy sex life by Kristen Bailey for best chick lit books that will make you laugh out loud

Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life by Kristen Bailey 4.5 star

When I first started reading the prologue to Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life,  I wasn’t too sure about it.  I’m very pleased I carried on as it is so funny and heartwarming, and has been one of my favourite books this year.

It all starts with the craziness of normal family life until a package arrives that could rip the family apart.  As the story progresses we find out about a secret life as we follow the extended Morton family through work, school runs, children’s parties, and so much more.

If you want something to make you laugh out loud but tug at your heartstrings too then you should read this book. I can guarantee you’ll never think of a Yorkshire mint cake in the same way again though.

blue book cover for Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood picturing the back of a woman looking out over a city and hills

Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood 4.5 star

Natalie is due to marry Olly on Christmas Eve. They got a last minute deal due to a cancellation, but that meant there was only 4 weeks to plan the wedding. Natalie’s mum and sister get on board and take over the planning, but Natalie doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying what she really wants.

On a night out with her best friend Meg, Natalie accidentally gets hypnotized resulting in her only being able to answer questions truthfully. That obviously gets her into a scrape or two, so Natalie and Meg head off to a quaint little village in Yorkshire to try track down the hypnotist to reverse the effect.

In the first couple of chapters I so wanted Natalie to stand up to all these people who were walking all over her, but then realised that was the premise of the story and I really started to enjoy it.

This is a fun romantic comedy with several laugh out loud moments. As I’ve said before Big Sexy Love is one of my favourite books ever so that sets the bar quite high, but I ended up reading the whole book in a day!

As well as being funny, it was very well written. I love how the village of Little Trooley was described. It was interesting to witness both the community spirit of the villagers, as well as the feuds. It’s a fab book to read anytime but especially in the lead up to Christmas.

That’s another one of Kirsty’s books that I’ve loved.  This was actually the first book that Kirsty wrote in 2012 and I think I may have read it way back then but I have just read it again in 2020.

pale pink book cover deptiction a girl leaning back pushing something into her boyfriend's pocket with the text The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even

The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even by Anna Bell 4 star

I’ve read loads of Anna Bell’s books in the past and find her style of writing very much in the style of the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. They’re fun, easy to read, fast paced and for me have the added attraction that they’re all set in the South of England in places I’m familiar with.

In The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even our main character, 31 year old Lexi, works full time and writes thrillers as a hobby. She attends a writing club with best friend Cara who writes erotica and isn’t afraid to retail tales of her own sexual exploits.

Lexi lives happily (ish) with long time boyfriend Will, an avid sports fan, who says he will only propose when Southampton win the league.  Will’ s addiction to sport grinds on Lexi when he lets her down over an important event, even more so as he lies about it.

The story follows the efforts that Lexi goes to to seduce and scheme against Will for revenge, but of course not everything goes as planned.

Whilst I don’t think this is quite as funny as the Don’t Tell the Groom series,  it is an amusing, light-hearted tale with the added bonus of a wedding and a trip to Barbados for those of you who enjoy a bit of tripfiction. Just like the Milly Johnson book I mentioned recently,  Robbie Williams gets a mention in this too.

The books finishes with a Sporting Widow Survival Guide and the Bucket List of Sports. Incidentally, the writing club shows the writers what they need to do to promote themselves on social media and blogs, so it might give a few wannabe writers some tips.

If you read this and want to know more about Cara’s character you can get a free mini read from Anna Bell’s newsletter. Read more about that in my Free Reads post.

outline of some pink reading glasses to depict books for summer reading

I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these?

Or perhaps you can recommend more laugh out loud rom coms or hilarious women’s fiction books?

If you’re looking for more recommendations from some of the best chick lit book authors you may also like to read:

* Lindsey Kelk – Author Spotlight

* Portia MacIntosh – Author Spotlight

* Chick Lit for Summer Reading

* Milly Johnson – Author Spotlight

Author’s Twitter @AnnaBell_writes @mrsbaileywrites @TracyBBloom Sophia Money-Coutts, Sophie Sinclair @sharilow @Novelicious

16 thoughts on “Laugh Out Loud Rom Coms & Hilarious Women’s Fiction – 10 of the Best Chick Lit Books for Winter

  1. I’m drawn to ‘What if?’ Probably because of the timeline. ‘The Wish List’ kind of makes me feel a bit weird as I have a 31 yr old daughter who has never had a relationship….I’d wish she’d just find someone and move out…lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favourite author for funny rom-coms is Sophie Kinsella! I’ve never read any of the books on your list, but they sound hilarious so I will be adding them to my reading list! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A fun rom com sounds great and these look like some really fun books! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single one you recommended. I did find some other books by Shari Low, so I put them on my TBR, along with one of the authors from your post on books set in Scotland. Thanks for the recommendations. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah that’s strange, they are all on Kindle. The Shari Low one is a very old book but is being rereleased later in the month so you might have better luck then. I’ve got some new posts scheduled for later including an author spotlight on Portia MacIntosh, she’s very funny too. Sounds like you have lots to keep you going though. Hope you enjoy them.


  4. I don’t often read comical novels but when I do I thoroughly enjoy them. They can be such a breath of fresh air to lighten things up. I’ve heard of that ‘Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?’ one fairly recently, perhaps on another blog. At least it’s pretty memorable with a title like that 😂 Great chuckle-inducing suggestions, Jo! xx

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  5. Comedy in books is certainly very subjective isn’t it and none more so than romcoms. I remember reading a book that someone had suggested for the book club I go to. She’d read it during a time when she was off work and had recommended it because she thought it laugh out loud funny. It’s so difficult to try and be objective about something that somebody else clearly loves. I don’t know if it’s because there are too many high expectations or maybe not being in the right frame of mind at the time. Needless to say I didn’t really enjoy it. However, I’m now racking my brains trying to think of other genres I’ve read and found funny throughout. The fact I can’t really think of (m)any probably says more about me!! However, having said that I’m quite interested in the final one you’ve recommended and still loving these book reviews!

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