Reakiro Warming & Cooling Muscle Relief Gel Reviews

Today, I’d like to share with you my review of warming and cooling muscle relief gels from Reakiro, each infused with CBD oil.

[AD – Gifted]
Please note that these were sample items gifted to me to try out for review. All words and thoughts are my own, Reakiro has no input in this review, and no payment has been received for this post.

Please always seek medical advice before trying any new type of pain management.

two bottles of warming and cooling Muscle relief gel side by side lying on a bed of shredded paper. Each bottle is white with a red or blue label respectively

I mentioned in my last post that I have been suffering from back pain for some time now. – my main problem area is around the coccyx. As I have to sit in positions that alleviate pressure on the coccyx, I now have daily muscular pain in other areas of my back.

I was approached by Reakiro to ask if I’d be interested in trying their CBD infused muscle relief gels and, of course, I was more than happy to try them out.

Is heat or ice better for back or muscle pain?

If you suffer from back or muscle pain, you may be unsure whether to use heat or ice to help your pain. You should always seek medical advice to determine what sort of pain you have and the best course of treatment. Muscular strains are often helped with heat, whereas pain caused by inflammation is usually better treated with ice, so you don’t want to be using the wrong product.

Are CBD infused products legal?

CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol ) come from the cannabis plant.  In the UK and some other countries, CBD infused products are legal providing they have low levels of THC (usually under 0.2%). THC is the part of cannabis that gets you high which is illegal. You cannot get high from low-level CBD infused products.

Reakiro despatch their products from Poland and each comes with a certificate of analysis from a UK Laboratory stating its cannabinoid profile. You can also view these on their website.

My products came on a tracked Parcel Force courier. I was messaged each step of the way with tracking information, and even got a text with the timeslot and name of the delivery driver on the morning of delivery. Very impressive.

CBD Infused Warming or Cooling Muscle Relief Gel

Both the warming and cooling muscle relief gels are part of the Goddess Sativa range. Each comes in a 100ml plastic canister that has a pump-action dispenser. This is ideal as it only dispenses the small amount that you need to use (a blob the size of a 5p is perfect for a shoulder or upper back area).

It comes out as a creamy gel that is easy to rub in. It soaks into the skin quickly leaving no residue on clothes.

These gels are ideal to use in areas where it might not be as practical to apply an ice or heat pad such as shoulders, arms, legs or when you are on the move.

CBD Infused Warming Muscle Relief Gel

I found the warming gel to be very effective for muscle relief in my upper back. After rubbing in, it gives off quite an intense heat that relaxes the muscles. It’s ideal for use before bedtime when you need your body to be relaxed in preparation for sleep.

I found the smell of this gel to be quite strong, similar to other heat gels such as Volterol or Bengay.

CBD Infused Cooling Muscle Relief Gel

I found the cooling gel particularly useful on areas where I get persistent inflammation such as my shoulders and glutes areas. After applying, you get a cooling sensation on the skin which can help to numb your pain. It isn’t as cold as an ice pack but still effective.

The smell of this product is lovely from the menthol ingredient.

You only need a small amount of gel to cover quite a big area so each 100ml canister is very long-lasting.

You can shop for cooling and warming muscle relief gel, alongside many other CBD oils and infused products at the Reakiro Shop. Here you will find many FAQs regarding CBD products and their social media links.

If you are thinking of placing an order, check out the Reakiro shop on social media as you will often find discount codes to use.

Have any of you have tried CBD oils or products for pain management or mental health?
What products have you used and how have you got on with them?

You can find more health posts HERE or if you’d like me to consider your products for review then please check out my WORK WITH ME page.

6 thoughts on “Reakiro Warming & Cooling Muscle Relief Gel Reviews

  1. Interesting. My back is a shambles and it’s been hard during this quarantine to manage pain. My doctor is trying me on new meds and we’ve been adjusting the dosage but today is a very bad day where every little bit helps and I wish I had some of this to try.

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  2. I’m looking forward to trying Reakiro myself to review on my blog. The warming muscle relief sounds especially appealing. I don’t mind stronger scented like this one sounds like it is, I guess because it makes me think it’s doing something and I know I’ve put it on (you know, in case I forget 10 minutes later 😂). I’ve always used warming and never cooling gels, and yet I use an ice pack in the freezer, so to have both warming and cooling gel from the same range is pretty cool.
    Fab review, Jo. I think every little helps when it comes to pain and these sound brilliant!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is interesting. Do you think the cooling gel would relieve arthritis pain in the hands? I find ice packs help me but this oil could help when ice isn’t readily available.

    Liked by 1 person

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