The Menopause Monologues 1 & 2 by Harriet Powell

(updated March 2020)

I first published this post about the Menopause Monologues by Harriet Powell in 2019. Since then Harriet has gone on to compile book 2 so I’ve updated it to reflect both books.

Obviously, I’m more than happy to talk about all things menopause, but when Harriet told me that profits from this book are going to Shelter, I was more than happy to spread the word and wanted to tell you all about it.

Shelter are a UK based charity that helps people with advice, support and legal services if they are homeless or living in unsavoury housing conditions. They rely on support and donations from the general public to be able to operate their services.

Buying The Menopause Monologues 1 or 2 means you will be helping others whilst you get to enjoy this book too. Harriet is donating half the profits from both these books to Shelter.

picture of two book covers for The Menopause Monologues by Harriet Powell. One red and one blue with the image of a crying woman holding a happy mask to her face

Harriet Powell has previously published children’s books under her maiden name of Harriet Goodwin. She decided to compile this book of true-life menopause experiences after hearing a programme about ‘The Change’ on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. She realised there is still a taboo to talking about this aspect of women’s health. She wanted to contribute towards making it more acceptable, particularly the more “intimate” aspects of menopause.

The Menopause Monologues (red cover)

The Menopause Monologues is a collection of stories from women (and some from men) about their experiences with the menopause. Some funny, some sad and all very open and honest. Some women have had similar experiences, but each story shows that menopause has so many varying symptoms. It is so much more than a hot flush and changing body shape. Several aspects can be extremely debilitating and life-changing, especially when it comes to anxiety and other areas of mental health.

What I found interesting was that whilst most of us can acknowledge that our own mothers went through some changes at that time in their life, it was rarely attributed to the menopause. It was certainly never discussed. It looks like we are going to be the generation that will change that and hopefully future menos will be equipped with sufficient information to help them cope.

This book is definitely worth a read for both men and women.  Reading it will give you some understanding of what menopause entails and will leave you feeling less alone. Maybe it will give you the confidence to start your own menopause conversations.

The Menopause Monologues 2 (blue cover)

The Menopause Monologues book 2 is another compilation of more real-life menopause experiences. This time around I was pleased to see that there were many stories from women who have gone on to put their own menopause to good use. By speaking out they are trying to ensure that other women do not have to suffer the way they did, or at least they may understand it a little better and not feel so alone.  Many of these inspirational women have written books and blogs, and have campaigned for more menopause knowledge in the workplace and doctors surgeries.

There is a useful reference list in the back of the book for websites and reading material where you can find more information.

I enjoyed reading book 2 even more so as I was able to read the background story from several of the ladies that I follow via their blogs or on Twitter.

And of course, just like the first Menopause Monologues, book 2 will also donate 50% of profits to the charity Shelter.

BUY The Menopause Monologues from Amazon.
You can find Harriet Powell and The Menopause Monologues on all social media @ thelittletaboo

It would be lovely if you could give this post a share or pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested in finding out more about menopause and helping Shelter at the same time.

Many thanks.


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