20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019

Inspired by the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge hosted by 746 books, I searched around to see if there was a winter reading challenge too. I asked around on a few book blogging groups and social media, but as there didn’t appear to be one I decided to start my own.

I hope that some of you will join in and choose to read and review your own 20 Books for Christmas.

The biggest benefit of the summer reading challenge for me was that it made me set aside time to read because I didn’t want to fail the challenge.

It’s so easy to be busy all the time isn’t it, especially during the festive season! I hope this will give you an excuse for some “you” time.

This challenge doesn’t strictly fall into all of autumn or winter, so I decided to name it the Christmas Reading Challenge although your choices don’t have to be Christmas themed. It starts on Tuesday 1 October 2019 running through til 31st December 2019.


Just like the 20 Books of Summer, there are no hard and fast rules.

* Choose 20, or 15 or 10 books that you’d like to read.

* Take a photo or make a list of those books.

* If you’re a blogger, make a quick introductory post telling us what you are going to read.

* Of course, you can join in on social media instead.

* Comment below with a link to your post so we can all see what’ you’ve chosen, and link back to this post so I can see who else is joining in.

* Now, just enjoy reading.

* Tag me on Twitter @littlejojackson and I will retweet your introductory and round-up posts

* It’s up to you whether you review as you go along, or do one long round-up post at the end or halfway through. Don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon, Good Reads and other online stores to show support for the authors.

pile of 20 women's fiction books for the 20 books for Christmas Reading Challenge. Various titles several about Christmas


Here are the books I’ve chosen for 20 Books for Christmas.  I wonder if I will succeed this time?

There are two that I didn’t read in the summer and the rest are ones that I’ve had on my shelf waiting to be read for a long time. I tend to read on Kindle now, so this will serve as a decluttering exercise too.

Maeve Binchy – A Week in Winter
Karen Swan – Christmas at Tiffanys
Carole Matthews – Wrapped up in You
Trisha Ashley – A Winter’s Tale
Julia Williams – A Merry Little Christmas
Caroline Roberts – The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop
Eve Devon – Christmas at the Little Clock House
Katherine Garvera – Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe
Lindsey Kelk – I Heart Christmas
Carmen Reid – Up All Night
Carmen Reid – New York Valentine
Sophie Kinsella – My Not So Perfect Life
Miranda Dickinson – Fairy Tale in New York
Miranda Dickinson – Take a Look at me Now
Miranda Dickinson – It Started With a Kiss
Miranda Dickinson – Welcome to My World
Miranda Dickinson – I Will Take New York
Susan Hill – Breaking Glass
Jim Iron and John Steel – Glory Boys
Rachel Hore – Last Letter Home

If you are a blogger and are taking part in Blogtober or Blogmas, you can always use some of your reviews as part of your blog challenge posts. A round-up post would make an excellent Christmas Gift Guide like my post last year Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers.

If you would like more tips of how to take part and complete blog challenges then head over to my How to Survive Blog Challenges post.


I am very pleased to be joined by the following book bloggers who have all chosen their 20 Books for Christmas reading:

Me and My Books
Portable Magic
Carla Loves To Read
Susan Loves Books
Read Rant Rock n Roll
Diary of a Book Fiend
The Cosy Pages

Will you be joining us with 20 Books for Christmas?
Did you do the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge?

Or perhaps another blog challenge such as Blogtober or Blogmas?

Don’t forget to leave your post links below and tag me on Twitter @littlejojackson #20booksforchristmas

If you enjoy my posts, please do sign up to follow me by email and on so that you don’t miss anything new.


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39 thoughts on “20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019

  1. I am in. My goal will be 20 Christmas Stories. I have already read a couple, but I will pick out 20 I really want to read. A few have been on my TBR for a couple of years. I will link my introductory post when I finish it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I see you have a Sophie Kinsella on your list. I love her! There’s actually going to be a Christmas themed Shopaholic book out soon, can’t wait for it!


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