Crowdsourcing & Social Media

I have recently set up a crowdsourcing group for Tea & Cake for the Soul and wanted to invite you to join me if you’d like to. Read on to find out what you can get out of it and what you can expect to find on my various social media pages.

This is crowdsourcing as opposed to crowdfunding, I’m asking for your words, not your money! 😉

Occasionally, I write articles where I like to get opinions or experiences from others to give it a bit more depth and interest. Rather than ask on my personal Facebook page, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a group solely for that purpose.

These posts are purely for entertainment, I get no monetary gain from them.

Your responses can be anonymous or with full credit. If you are a band, business owner, writer or blogger, I am happy to give a do-follow link back to your website.

It’s open to anyone as I cover so many subjects on my blog. Future posts might be on travel, music, books, lifestyle, etc..

I have two projects on there at the moment. One is about the 50s/60s/70s style of our parents, and the other about best places to eat in San Diego.

If you do join make sure you tick the get notifications box or you won’t see new projects.

My Facebook page is where I share my blog posts and things that I’ve found heartwarming or interesting from other pages. There’s usually one post each morning, no spam.

If you’ve liked my Facebook page, again do tick “get notifications” from the drop down menu to ensure that you see all my posts.

I’m pretty new to Instagram and use it to share photos from my travels. If you’re into art, nature, travel and the odd band pic then I’d love it if you give me a follow, especially if you’re posting the same sort of thing so I can follow back. I’m not into Insta for the “influencer” tag or to get a huge following. I see it as a feelgood media and just want to see nice things.

I view Twitter as the networking and support social media. I do share one of my blog posts most days and retweet the posts of others. I will follow back all bloggers, writers, authors and relevant bands to show my support unless they are political or unethical. There are some useful writing, blogging, health and menopause support networks on there.

If you’re not into the social media thing but would like to see my posts, the best way to follow is by email. You can sign up via the follow button on the right hand side if you’re viewing on desktop or the bottom of your screen under the photo if you’re on mobile. Again no spam – I usually add a new post once or twice a week.

So if any of these sound of interest to you, I’d love it if you’d join me by clicking the links below. Thanks as always for your support.


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