Meet The Musician – Interview with Mark Penington of The Caravans

This Interview has now moved to my alternative music website that covers psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, ska and the 1980s’ mod and scootering scene. Click to read my interview with Mark Penington of The Caravans HERE.


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12 thoughts on “Meet The Musician – Interview with Mark Penington of The Caravans

  1. We’ve had the pleasure and honour of booking the vans at Bedlam over the years…. always easy to get on with and lovely people to. We’ve seen them loads over the years and they never failed to entertain… A superb legacy of music to be proud of…… Gutted in hearing the sad but understandable news that they have stopped playing.. the scene will be a sadder one without the caravans for sure !.
    All the absolute best to the guy’s for the future….& thank you so much for your music and fun over the years, not only as part of the Bedlam team but mainly as a fan !!. & Mark.. If you read this.. Drop me a text as I’ve got your shirt bud !!.
    Long live the vans x

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  2. Seeing The Jets at 15, how awesome! It’s sad to read that The Caravans have called it a day because of the reason for that, severing a nerve in the neck s awful, I’m so sorry. That must make a lot of things challenging now, given the impact on the muscles and right arm. It sounds like the band has had a lot of fantastic experiences and brought meaningful, memorable music to their fans, so that’s a huge achievement and something that will leave its mark in history. I’ll have to check them out now – thanks for the fab interview!
    Caz xx

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  3. A great read Jo, thanks for sharing, really interesting to hear of The Caravans journey. Very sad they have come to the end however, very understandable, cheers for all the music Mark 👍🏻🎼xxx

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  4. One of my all time favourite bands, got most of the records and seen some great gigs down the years, I can immediately remember one with Levi Dexter at the Ace Cafe and another with the Peacocks and others in Brighton. Sad to hear it’s the end of gigging for the Caravans and glad I got to see that last show in Birmingham last weekend. One thing I remember is going to see the Guana Batz at the Duchess in Leeds one night in ’94 I think when I was up from London visiting my parents. I was back in north west London the following night and went to see the Caravans at Dell Richardson’s club night in Northwood Hills….where I then twigged that Mark had played with the Batz the previous night!

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  5. What a great story of a really cool guy. Such a shame he can’t play anymore but such a fantastic legacy. Hopefully he can enjoy his new life, in the studio, and maybe an occasional gig!

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