Lindsey Kelk – I heart Hawaii, New York, Hollywood, Paris, Las Vegas, London, Forever – Book Review

It was such a lovely surprise to find that Lindsey Kelk has released I heart Hawaii. I have read, and reread the entire I heart series and had presumed that the saga ended at I heart Forever.

Read on and I will tell you about the I heart series, how Lindsey Kelk became one of my favourite authors, and share my thoughts on I heart Hawaii, the book that ends the series.

Many years ago I bought a book from a car boot sale for 20p called I heart New York. It was written by a then unknown author to me called Lindsey Kelk. I find that borrowing from a library, or buying the first book secondhand is a cost effective way to try different authors.


Buying I heart New York turned out to be a very good buy as I couldn’t put it down. It was such a pleasure to read. Chick Lit at its finest.

As it was an older release, I was delighted to discover there were several more titles in this series by Lindsey Kelk.  Obviously, I went out and bought the rest immediately and have continued to buy each new book as it has been released.

I Heart book titles by Lindsey Kelk in shade of blue

The stories follow the life of blogger and writer Angela Clark, and her friends/loves along the way. She stumbles from one disaster to the next in the glamourous world of journalism and fashion. Dates, weddings, jobs, births, and plenty of catastrophes – it’s all in this series as Angela visits, or in some cases moves, to each country.

I read this series a few years back but having now visited Hollywood and Las Vegas myself, I decided to read them again. I enjoyed them just as much. I have to say that Lindsay Kelk is now one of my favourite authors.

The books can be read as stand-alone stories or you can follow Angela and Co through the whole series. They don’t necessarily have to be read in order, although it’s best if you do. Great fun, very light and easy to read. Give them a whirl.

1. I Heart New York
2. I Heart Hollywood
3. Paris
4. Las Vegas
5. London
6. Christmas
7. Forever
8. Hawaii

There are also two 2 novellas that focus more on Angela’s crazy best friend Jenny:

Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week
Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas


book cover I heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk pic of a girl on a hammock between two palm trees

The grand finale to the I heart series is set in both New York and Hawaii. Who can resist?

We join Angela as she starts work again following the birth of her baby who is now 11 months old. Then best friend Jenny Lopez persuades Angela to join her for an all expenses paid  “work” trip to Hawaii.  Tag on English best friend Lou, gay best friend and Hollywood actor James, and new boss Paige and what could possibly go wrong?

In true Angela Clark fashion, she gets herself into several scrapes.

It’s very funny, fast paced and easy to read. This is exactly why I love Lindsey Kelk’s writing. Perfect holiday reading or a great bit of trip fiction if you’re having a staycation.

It has a clever ending that leaves you with a warm feeling.  There’s an interesting interview at the end of the book with Lindsey. She says its the end of this story, but maybe one day …

I guess I need to start on the Girl series now, also by Lindsey Kelk. I will check back soon on that one if I love them as much as these.

I heart Hawaii was released on 30th May 2019 by Harper Collins

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12 thoughts on “Lindsey Kelk – I heart Hawaii, New York, Hollywood, Paris, Las Vegas, London, Forever – Book Review

  1. I love this author! Omg she has a baby! I need to catch up on the I heart series. Last one I read was I heart Christmas. However I hare read About a Girl, What A Girl Want, Always a Bridesmaid and Single Girls To Do List, loved the ALL.
    I would also compare her writing to Sophie Kinsella, they have a fun quirky style abt them 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was always aware of these but never managed to read any, confining them to ‘beach holiday reads’ and then never being arsed to read once I was on one! I have always been obsessed with visiting Hawaii for its culture, nature and hot guys so I’m so happy she has written this!

    Liked by 1 person

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