The Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald – Book Review

The Get Away Girls by Dee MacDonald is a tale of 3 older women (all approaching 70, although one insists she’s only 60) who form a friendship after meeting at a flower arranging class. Keep reading 😉 … When teacher Connie decides to stop the class, the three ladies continue to meet in the local pub to get to know each other a little better.

Connie finds out that she has a heritage in Italy and decides to buy a camper van and go to investigate further as she has no ties now that she left her husband and all her children are now grown up.

Even though they don’t know each other that well yet Maggie and Gill invite themselves along too – Maggie to escape her partner who she feels is cheating on her, and Gill in the hope of finding romance.

book cover of a pink camper van with luggage falling

This is a journey where the women find out more about each other as they travel through France and Italy. It is sometimes like a slapstick comedy that isn’t to be taken too seriously, but it has heart-warming and serious moments too.

Although the characters in the book are older, they could be in their 40s or 50s and this will appeal to any aged reader. I found it nice that older ladies still have the drive and a passion for adventure. Our bodies may start to wear out but our minds certainly don’t.

Unbeknown to me until afterwards, it turns out this is a follow-on book from The Runaway Wife, but it can be easily read as a standalone book. A nice light bit of summer reading.

I was grabbed by the dedication in this book “For female friendships everywhere”, something we must all treasure.

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8 thoughts on “The Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald – Book Review

  1. Aw this sounds like quite a sweet read, light enough for easy reading over the summer. Made me chuckle that one of the characters swears she’s only 60, I take a couple of years off my age intentionally too 😆 Neat review. Are you interested in reading the first book, the Runaway Wife, after this one?xx

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