33 Percent Rockstar by S.C. Sterling – Book Review

Being a lifelong music fan, I was instantly attracted to the book 33 Percent Rockstar by S C Sterling.

Many of my friends are musicians and as I run social media for several of them, I do get to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I know that life on the road really isn’t at all like it’s portrayed in the media. I was intrigued in the direction that this book would go in.

I was hooked right from the intro.

Remembering your first album, CD or concert is always a special moment and when you are a real music fan, you will take delight in other’s experiences too.

It starts with his first big gig supporting Agent Orange and The Misfits. I loved his recollection of the music venue and the feelings at seeing the queue of punters waiting in anticipation to get in. He goes on to describe the realities of soundcheck and the feeling of watching his idols on stage. It’s funny no-one really thinks that all our idols have idols themselves and can be just as starstruck.

book sleeve picturing musical instruments and text 33 Percent Rockstar by S C Sterling in yellow text box

We get to experience all of this wannabe musician’s firsts – learning to play, first auditions, first band, first gig and first recording session. We get to read of his love for his musical instrument. As someone who can’t play a note, I don’t get this feeling personally but I’ve seen plenty who do and it’s a real pleasure to read. This guy clearly loves music.

We witness his journey through different bands, mostly American punk bands. There are bands mentioned here that I love, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are, it’s a musical journey that any genre can identify with, particularly if you’re into an underground music scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ethos of the band joining the Vans Warped Tour –  no spoilers!

I love how he states songs evoke memories and each can transport him to a time and place. Everyone I know who has a passion for music feels the same.

This book is well written and easy to follow. I think my blog readers will love this book. In fact, I’d love it if it inspired all my musician friends to write their stories too!

33 Percent Rockstar by S C Sterling was released 19 April 2019 – Currently available as paperback, on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.  He is also the author of Teenage Degenerate.

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13 thoughts on “33 Percent Rockstar by S.C. Sterling – Book Review

  1. Sounds interesting, i’ve just finished a book about Karen Carpenter, her life seemed perfect, but behind the scenes it was a whole different story. We as fans only get to see the good stuff.

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