Men …Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin – Book Review

I’m sure there are millions of self help books for women relating to menopause and women’s health in general. “Men … Let’s Talk Menopause” by Ruth Devlin is the first I’ve heard of that’s aimed at men.

Now I will hold my hand up and say that I didn’t really notice it was for men when I downloaded it. Yep, I will blame menopausal brain fog for that one, I thought it was a play on words, haha!

Here are my thoughts from both a man and a woman’s point of view.

I’ve got a really understanding husband but I wasn’t at all sure that he’d be interested in reading a book about menopause, even if it was for men. We are pretty open about things and I do tell him “oh it’s another symptom of the menopause”. For him, that’s good enough and he doesn’t need loads of facts.

But for others, this is going to be a useful read. Firstly, it can be read in under an hour and I think that is really important from a man and a woman’s perspective.

There are straightforward chapters covering physical, psychological, genitourinary and some rarer symptoms. There is lots of coverage of how lifestyle, exercise and diet can help improve symptoms, a chapter dedicated to HRT and one for alternative remedies.

I found the latter particularly interesting because when I’d first started looking into this, I was overwhelmed by all info online – to see it stated as a short and simple grid would have been extremely beneficial to me if I’d read it back then.

I thought the links and tick lists at the end of the book were very useful, more so for ladies reading. Sometimes seeing it in print can make the penny drop. Yes, so all those symptoms put together do equal menopause. They are not just all in your head!

I think this book is ideal for women at the beginning of their menopause journey and the men that it is intended for.

When my husband got home, I asked him if he would read it and it was a definite no. Nor would my adult sons, but we’ve had conversations and they’ve asked what they want to know. Like I say we are very open.

However,  I have been getting some great feedback from men about a post I published recently where 16 women share their menopause stories and men ARE interested in finding out more. So, if you have a partner who would read a book for information then this one is definitely for them

Released 24 April 2019

book cover of Men ... Let's Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin with a picture of a potted cactus

Have you or your partner read this book? I’d love to know your thoughts too.

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