My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews

updated November 2019

Being a blogger is more than just writing your own posts and hitting publish. It can be hard to find your audience and gain followers when you first start out. A great way to get your blog and your words out there is to take part in guests posts, collaborations, interviews and link/photo contributions.

Hopefully, by sharing good quality writing on more established blogs, you will also be increasing your Domain Authority (DA) score and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Below is a little about what each type of post is, along with names of where I’ve had posts published.


A guest post is where you write a post for publication on another blog or website. The owner of that website may publish a small biography with your piece, or give you a link back to your blog and often your social media channels.

I’ve had the following guest posts published:

August 2019 – Random Act of Kindness (Book Review)

June 2019 – The Mummy Bloggers (Book Review)

May 2019 – Menopausal Beach Body Blues (Body confidence)

May 2019 – 3 Great Reads for Summer (Book Reviews)

December 2018 – Gifts That Keep on Giving (Eco)

November 2018 – Christmas Traditions (Travel)

November 2018 – Five Photos (Lifestyle)

November 2018 – 3 Recommended Reads (Books)

September 2018 – How to Pack for a Road Trip (Travel)

screen shot of my guest post at Diary of a Detour How to pack for a USA road trip - text and photo of open road and blue sky


A collaboration is where you contribute a piece of work to a bigger article for publication on another blog. This piece will be put together, along with the words of several other bloggers, to form a comprehensive piece on a certain subject, ie, 20 Things to do in Las Vegas.

You might contribute anything from a couple of lines, a paragraph or something around 250 words. You will get a writing credit, usually with a hyperlink in your name.

This is not to be confused with a brand collaboration, where you are paid to write an advertisement piece for a brand. This is all about bloggers working free with other bloggers.

I’ve collaborated on:

November 2019 (Christmas)

November 2019 (Christmas)

November 2019 (Lifestyle)

November 2019 (Christmas)

October 2019 (Lifestyle)

October 2019 (Recipes)

September 2019 (Travel)

August 2019 – Best Blogging Tips (Travel/Blogging)

July 2019 – Ultimate Bucket List of things to do in Spain (Travel)

July 2019 – Things to Do in California (Travel)

July 2019 – Importance of Making Time for Each Other (Lifestyle)

July 2019 – South West Road Trip Ideas (Travel)

July 2019 – FAQs about Care Homes (Lifestyle)

July 2019 – FAQs (Travel)

July 2019 – Best Travel Apps (Travel)

July 2019 – Tips for Travelling with Periods (Travel/Lifestyle)

June 2019 – Jetlag Advice (Travel)

June 2019 – Homesick Food (Travel)

May 2019 – Free Thing To Do In San Francisco (Travel)

May 2019 – Mental Health Experiences

April 2019 -My First Tattoo (Lifestyle)

April 2019 – Advice for Overcoming Perfectionism (Mental Health)

February 2019 – Tips for Getting More Exercise (Health)

February 2019 -Sedona in Hidden Gems of USA (Travel)

January 2019 -Tips for Dealing with Social Anxiety (Mental Health)

December 2018 – Christmas Lights (Travel)

November 2018 – An Attitude of Gratitude (Travel)

November 2018 – Guide to Romantic Destinations (Travel)

October 2018 – Keeping Warm (Health)

October 2018 – Bee the Change (Eco Issues)—2

July 2018 – 5 Questions (Books)—First-Books

screen shot of tips for staying warm in winter with chronic pain at counting my spoons


Some bloggers hold a regular interview feature where they ask their guests a set of questions. They might be about blogging, their particular niche or something more personalised.  Eg, I ran An Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul where I asked questions relating to all the subjects that I cover here on my blog. You will usually get links back to your blog and social media accounts.

I’ve taken part in blogger interviews at:

October 2019 – Live a Blissful Life (Writing)

February 2019 – Eat To Heal (Mental Health)

December 2018 – Friday Night Drinks (Lifestyle)

November 2018 – Meet Tea & Cake (Blogging)

October 2018 – 20 Questions (Lifestyle)

September 2018 – My First Rally (Lifestyle)

June 2018 – Eat, Sleep, Love, Travel (Travel)

screen shot of eating to heal loss of appetite and depression interview with Jo


Link contributions are a quick and easy way to get shares of posts already published on your own blog. These are normally posted by the host blogger as a round up, Eg, 20 Easter Recipes. You will contribute a photo and a link to your original post which will then be included alongside others.

My links have appeared on:

July 2019 – Oaty Banana Cakes (Recipes)

April 2019 – Brownie Recipe (Recipes)

April 2019 – Way to Repurpose Glass Bottles (Eco Issues)

February 2019 – Sharing Blogger Love (Lifestyle)

You can read more about my work in the links below:



Sustainable Swaps (Eco)
Dating Advice (Lifestyle)
Enchanted Serendipity (Film/TV Locations)
Menopause Monologues book

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    • I think it’s good writing practice contributing to posts elsewhere, and it’s nice to write something that you maybe wouldn’t on your own blog.

      I hope it will get my words out to more people too, and maybe help my freelance writing.

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