Pete the Cheeky Parakeet by Cheryl Lee-White ‏- Children’s Book Review

If you have young children or work in education, you may have seen my review of the book The King and The Cockerel by Sarah Morrell. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on another book from Blue Falcon Publishing – Pete the Cheeky Parakeet suitable for 3-7 year olds.

Pete the Cheeky Parakeet is written by Cheryl Lee-White and illustrated by Stephanie Jayne. It is another lightweight paperback that is a little over A4 size making it easy for children to hold the book themselves and turn the pages.

The illustration on the front cover is enough to entice children in for the story and the pictures throughout are fun and colourful.

This rhyming story focuses on Pete the pet parakeet, who is rather nasty to everyone except mum. Children will love the toilet humour of how he pecks on the bum and tries to poop in hair.

Pete becomes sad when mum goes away for work leaving the family having fun at home. The children decide to give him a second chance. He apologises and changes his ways to become part of the family. The story has a good moral stance as well as being fun.

book cover for Pete the Cheeky Parakeet

I received this book from Blue Falcon Publishing for review consideration but rest assured, I only write about books that I enjoy. I am more than happy to share these as part of my Recommended Reading.  Available to buy from Blue Falcon Publishing and Amazon.

Have you read this book or any others from Blue Falcon Publishing?

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