How To Plan a USA Road Trip Holiday – Over 70 Tips to Help You!

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In the past few years, we have enjoyed several road trips in the USA, taking in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, with new states planned for our next holiday. I would like to tell you everything we’ve learned about how to plan a road trip or holiday in the USA. In fact, I have over 70 tips to share with you.

We are often asked how

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Easy Butterscotch Tart – Old School Dinner Recipes

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Today I want to share with you a vintage recipe for an easy butterscotch tart that came straight from the kitchens that made our old school dinners.

When I was at school many decades ago, my favourite part of school dinners was the butterscotch tart that they’d serve for pudding sometimes. Luckily for me, my mum became a dinner lady and asked the cook for the recipe. She cut down the quantities and played around with it and this was the result.

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Giant Halloween Pumpkin Cookies and Roasted Seeds Recipes

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Many of us are trying to be more eco-friendly and head towards zero waste, so why not use the whole pumpkin when you’re preparing for Trick or Treat. This recipe for giant Halloween pumpkin cookies will use up all the leftover flesh from your Halloween pumpkin carvings, and I will tell you how to make roasted pumpkin seeds too. They are really yummy and so healthy for you which will, of course, balance out all the cake!

I found an

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Victorian Corpse Bride Halloween Display, Redford USA

Photos from the annual Halloween Corpse Bride display in Redford USA

Halloween Pumpkin Muffins & Cake Recipe

Tea & Cake For The Soul

Fancy having a go at making pumpkin muffins or this scrummy Halloween pumpkin cake?  Then read on for this easy to make recipe that can be used for both.


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Dogs Dressed Up for Halloween

Therapy dog Lucy and cute staffie Luna enjoy some dressing up fun for Halloween

How To Get Free & Cheap Books Legally

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Post updated Oct 2019

I’d like to share with you some ideas about how to get free and cheap books legally.

Buying a book is such cheap entertainment when you think about how many hours it will take you to read, even if you are a fast reader.   Nowadays, authors make very little, if anything, from selling their books.  Can you imagine how much skill and how many hours go into creating a novel? Buying a book at its retail price is really good value.

However, as much as we

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7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day

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Today is World Post Day and I’d like to share 7 ways to celebrate and spread a little kindness along the way.

World Post Day was originally set up to

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Halloween Pumpkin Art & Crafts

Last year I came across lots of different Halloween pumpkin art and thought some of them were too good not to share. All the artists kindly gave permission for them to be featured. From sketches to street art, hand made crafts and music inspired pumpkin carvings to huge pumpkin collages. Take a look at some … Continue reading Halloween Pumpkin Art & Crafts

World Smile Day – Could you Compliment a Random Stranger?

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woman on LA beach wearing hat Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

I wanted to share this story with you on World Smile Day and talk about things that make us smile. I wonder, could you compliment a random stranger?

I love to people watch, as do most of us I think. During a recent trip to Long Beach California, my husband and I were taking a breather in the shade. I was checking out a lady who was

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