Blogmas 2018 Completed

Blogmas was the last thing on my mind after completing Blogtober, but in the final hour, I decided to take part in this blogging challenge. One post every day for the month of December. 23 brand new posts and eight updated posts that fit in with the theme of Christmas and giving. All the usual Tea and Cake for the Soul topics were covered too: music, travel, eco ideas, money saving, books, recipes, kindness and crafts.

Read on to see the links to all my Blogmas posts and find out what were the most popular. I’d love to hear what your favourites were too. 

a white wood background with parcel wrapped in brown paper and some leaves Blogmas Schedule 2018
My Blogmas Schedule


1. Bedlam Breakout Festival (Music)
2. Basingstoke Canal (Travel/Photography)
3. What is Blogmas?  (Blogging)
4. Chocolate Saltine Toffee aka Christmas Crack (Recipe)
5. 15 Free & Budget Gift Ideas for Teachers (Money Saving)
6. Must See Christmas Movies
7. A Miracle on Hope Street (Books)

8. Essential Alternative Christmas Albums (Music)
9. Nothing says Christmas Quite Like Elvis (Travel/Photography)
10. Gifts for Book Lovers
11. DIY Alternative to Christmas Cards (Upcycling)
12. How to Give to Charity on a Budget (Money Saving/Kindness)
13. The Penny Jar Project (Kindness)
14. Today South London Tomorrow South London (Books)

15. Nan’s Christmas Stuffing (Recipe)
16. I Saw the Real Santa Claus (Travel/Photography)
17. Christmas Chick Lit on a Budget (Books)
18. Netflix Christmas Movies
19. 28 Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness)
20. How to Make Ecobricks From Your Christmas Waste (Eco)
21. Free Christmas Reads (Books)

22. Christmas Eve Rockin Playlist (Music)
23. Get Fit Get Walking (Health/Photography)
24. My Guest Posts & Collaborations (Blogging)
25. Merry Christmas
26. Chicken or Turkey Curry (Recipes)
27. How to Reuse, Recycle & Redistribute Your Rubbish at Christmas (Eco)
28. The Hidden Side of Loneliness (Awareness)

29. The Gig That Influenced my Life by Richard Smith (Music)
30. Live in Harmony (Kindness/Photography)
31. Blogmas 2018 Completed (Blogging)


As we still have one day left to go it may change but at the moment the top three posts are:

1. The Gig That Influenced My Life
2. My Fan Moment With Robbie Williams
3. Quintessentially English

These are closely followed by The Hidden Side of Loneliness, Bedlam Breakout, Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers, Ecobricks and Alternative Christmas Albums. As you might notice two of those posts aren’t even in my Blogmas schedule but constantly get good views.


I will be posting a 2018 blogging round-up shortly to share the top posts of the year, the pros and cons of blogging and my plans for 2019. In the meantime

What were your favourite posts?
What subjects would you like to see more of in 2019?



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