My Guest Posts and Blogger Collaborations

Updated 1.5.19 – You can now find my complete list of all my guest posts, collaborations and interviews HERE.

Since I posted my last blog interviews and collaborations post, I’ve taken part in a few more. It’s an important part of the blogging community and a great way to find new blogs, get to know other bloggers, and reach new readers.

In my latest batch of guest posts and blogger collaborations, I’ve shared 5 photos with Sharon Booth, my favourite books of the year with Damp Pebbles, a Thanksgiving travel post at Gypsy with a Day Job and two Christmas travel posts at Go Fam Go, Girls’ Gospel and one at Mother Geek related to gifts. I finished up the year with Friday Night Drinks at A Little Book Problem.

Read on to find out what I had to say in each post. I hope you enjoy them and show the other blogs some love too.


In November 2018 I joined author Sharon Booth‘s 5 Photos Feature where bloggers and writers share 5 photos and discuss why they’ve chosen them.

screen shot with photo of stormy sunset over the ocean and some written text
5 photos at


I also appeared in the Damp Pebbles’ “Recommended” feature where book bloggers chose their 3 favourite books from 2018. Go and have a look to see what I chose.

screen shot of website featuring a hand and arm reaching out with some written text on grey background
Damppebbles’ Recommended Feature

Thankful for Travel

Towards the end of November, I wrote a piece for Gypsy with a Day Job where many bloggers collaborated for An Attitude of Gratitude,  a lovely piece where people share what they are thankful for from their travels in time for Thanksgiving in the USA.  Please head over to read what I, and others wrote.

empty road in the desert with blue skies scattered with white fluffy cloud and text about thankfullness
An Attitude for Gratitude at Gypsy with a Day Job

Christmas Traditions/Travel

I wrote a guest post for Mother Geek about how my Christmas traditions have changed in recent years. I share why I don’t particularly like the festive season in the UK, and what I’ve done to remedy that. You can read my post at Mother Geek, where you will also find more bloggers sharing their traditions.

screen shot of text with mothergeek header and top of a palm tree at the bottom
Christmas Traditions at Mother Geek

Christmas Gift Ideas/Money Saving/Kindness

I was pleased to contribute to a collaboration on Mother Geek’s sister site, Girls Gospel where lots of bloggers joined in to share ideas for Gifts That Keep on Giving.

screenshot of web header on blue background for girls gospel with xmas gift bag
My gift ideas feature on Girls’ Gospel


In December I joined in with a Christmas collaboration about where to see the best Christmas lights. You can see where I chose over on GoFamGo along with lots of other suggestions.

screenshot of blog with woman drinking coffee from a cup in front of white xmas lights
Where else to see the best lights at GoFamGo


And last but certainly not least I joined Julie from A Little Book Problem for her regular Friday Night Drinks feature. It was a fun interview where I was forced to think hard about an interesting or unknown fact about myself. Please have a read and check out some of the other guest interviews of one of the many of Julie’s book reviews. Julie has also featured on my Afternoon of Tea & Cake for the Soul.

screenshot of a drinks glass with berries and leaves in the top





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