Today South London, Tomorrow South London by Andrew Grumbridge and Vince Raison – Book Review

This book claims to be the one that South London deserves, the first to be written about the area since 1947, and the one that will put it back on the map so to speak.

Today South London, Tomorrow South London was published recently by Unbound and is the memoirs of the authors, Dulwich Raider and Dirty South. They recall their adventures around South London often accompanied by their “volatile dealer, Half-life, and the nicer Roxy”.


book covers orange and black silouette of 4 people looking at a London skyline

For those living outside the capital, are you aware that the north and south of London are thought of as totally different entities? Having spent time in the capital and having lots of friends there, I’m well aware that it is definitely the case.

This book and the storytelling technique is quite unique. You initially accompany the authors around a beer triangle pub crawl, followed by a tour of London’s finest hospitals rating their cafes and facilities. Back onto pubs where we read about the finer side of life with art and pubs, then leaning and pubs, betting and pubs, sports and pubs, and so on! Do you get the theme here? Other attractions include graveyards and vinyl record shops. And more pubs!

You’ll read some interesting facts about the history of South London, alongside the team’s own viewpoints and observations. Who knew there was once a female only pub decades ago? We’ve all heard of gentlemen’s clubs but never one for ladies which must have caused quite a stir back then.

Today South London, Tomorrow South London is an amusing journey around South London written by people with a clear love for the area, and pubs of course.

You don’t necessarily have to know South London well although it does make it more enjoyable when they are talking about places that you, as a reader, know.

Warning of strong language and drug taking at times but it’s not excessive and I think unlikely to cause offence to those interested in the subject matter covered in this book.

A quirky gift and I could think of many people who will enjoy this.

@unbounders #TodaySouthLondon


In one part of the book, the Dulwich Raider lists the essential elements for his own ‘best bar’. What would yours include?


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