Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!

Some people like minimal decorations, some go overboard. I fall into the former category in my own home, but I do like to have a wander around a good Christmas display. Read on to hear about my favourite Christmas location.

My love of tat*, sunshine and all things Rock N Roll were delivered in one fell swoop here at the Christmas display in Little Naples, near Long Beach Calfornia. Every year the residents decorate their homes for a grand Christmas display competition. Many, many homes take part and visitors in their hundreds go to visit. They have grand displays at Halloween too. It’s highly recommended if you’re nearby during the festive season.

*I believe tat is a southern word – means tacky, cheap, a bit gaudy or eccentric.

model elvis presley on the roof with a horse and cart decoration
Elvis Presley, last seen in Naples California

I have more stories and photos from the USA in my Days Out & Travel Section and also on Facebook. There’s lots more to add about road tripping in the USA so please check back.

And make sure you check out yesterday’s post of Alternative Christmas Albums. You can guarantee that Elvis will be there too.


Have you seen Elvis in a Christmas display anywhere?
Or more realistically, do you have any Christmas displays to recommend in the USA or UK?

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16 thoughts on “Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!

  1. I love it, I’m a big lover of tat, so long as it’s not in my home. When my older kids were younger we’d spend hours driving around trying to find the biggest Christmas displays, but now they are much more common and less interesting to the younger kids. I have to say though, I’ve never seen Elvis as part of a Christmas display.

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