Top 25 Alternative Christmas Albums

Updated January 2021

I’m not really a fan of Christmas music to be honest!  However, I do get a bit sentimental over Christmas past and certain songs will transport me right back to a time when I did enjoy the holidays.

There are two essential albums for me to listen to at some point over the festive holiday, and another that’s been added to the playlist for decorating the tree by my son.

Read on to find my favourites and those of my friends. Most have an alternative slant from the rockabilly, psychobilly, punk and ska scenes but there are a few classics there too – a definite nod to nostalgia.

The Ultimate Christmas Album

1. A Christmas With – Elvis Presley
Nothing says Christmas quite like Elvis Presley. There is no-one to rival the voice of Elvis at Christmas or any other time.

2. A Christmas Gift to You – Phil Spector
For me, and it seems the vast majority of my friends, this is the ultimate Christmas album.

3. The Christmas Collection – Frank Sinatra
My son’s choice in tree decorating music. Again another step back in time.

Nothing says Christmas like Elvis

Some of my friends feature in their own festive offerings and you can order them via the links below.

4. Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party (2016)
Alan Wilson’s Western Star record label have their psychobilly and rockabilly Christmas Party on this festive collection. Be sure to check out the sing-along tune of the Epileptic Hillbillys and listen to the ever witty lyrics from The Bad Detectives, just two favourites of mine from this album. Available whilst stocks last.

5. The Ultimate Rockin Christmas Selection from Western Star (2019)
Continuing the party, Western Star released another Christmas cracker with the Ultimate Rockin Christmas Selection. Now available as a double CD featuring the best of rockabilly and psychobilly from the Western Star record label.

Western Star Rockabilly & Psychobilly

If you fancy something festive but a little on the alternative side, here are some worthy mentions and favourites chosen by myself and my friends.

6. Not a Christmas Album – Frantic Flintstones
7. A Rock N Roll Christmas Party – Various
8. Mark Lamarr’s Rhythm & Blues Christmas – Various
9. Socks, A Christmas Album – JD Mcpherson
10. We Three Kings – Reverend Horton Heat
11. The Christmas Bop – Darrel Higham
12. Christmas Jamboree Bag – Chas n Dave
13. Bo***cks to Christmas – Various (ska, punk, oi)
14. Oi to the World – The Vandals
15. Christmas Carols – Off Track
16. Boogie Woogie Christmas – Brian Setzer Orchestra
17. Soul Christmas – Various
18. The Reggae Christmas Collection – Various
19. Alternative Christmas Songs – Various
20. A Christmas Album – The Beach Boys
21. Hawaiian Style Christmas – Various
22. Funky or Soulful Christmas – James Brown
23-25. Johnny Cash – The Classic Christmas Album/The Christmas Collection/The Johnny Cash Family Christmas

The Frantic Flintstones at Christmas

You may also like to see my Christmas Eve Rockin Playlist HERE.

And for those of us who spent our childhood Christmases in the 60s and 70s, we only have to hear the sounds of Jim Reeves, Andy Williams,  Johnny Mathis, Doris Day and Ray Conniff to transport us back to another era.

My Mum’s Favourite Crooner

What are your favourite Christmas albums?
Do you love any of the ones above?

14 thoughts on “Top 25 Alternative Christmas Albums

  1. Nice list, I’ll be checking a few of these out! Have you ever heard a version of “The Christmas Song” (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) that sounds distorted, almost underwater? I heard it once on the radio but didn’t catch who performed it and I’m dying to find it again!

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