What is Blogmas? What’s Coming and How to Participate

updated March 2020

What is Blogmas? Oh Oh! Haven’t I just done that? No that was Blogtober. A blog post every day for the month of October. Well, guess what? There’s also a Blogmas, and as much as I had no intention of doing it so soon after Blogtober, I had a change of heart.

Read on to find what’s coming, and how to participate if you are a blogger or a blog reader.


Much in the same vein as Blogtober, Blogmas is a month long challenge for bloggers in December. Some bloggers post every day for the entire month, and some do the first 25 days up to Christmas Day. It’s a bit like a blogging advent calendar.

Some follow a prompt, others go freestyle. Food bloggers may just post recipes, fashion bloggers an outfit a day, parenting bloggers will probably focus on the more magical side of Christmas with children, whereas lifestyle bloggers have more of a free reign to post varied content.

And then there are people who may not even post anything about Christmas at all. I’m focusing on a mix of festive and non-seasonal. That’s one of the things I like about blogging, there is advice but no rules. It’s your blog, you post what you want to post, and what you know your readers will enjoy.

There is also a YouTube video version called Vlogmas just like Vlogtober. No no no, I am definitely not doing that!

white wood background with parcel wrapped in brown paper and green leaves with text What is Blogmas?


You can read more about this in my What is Blogtober? post, but a blog is a website, an online magazine or diary. It is usually far more personal than a traditional website and the content can be specific or varied.

Some bloggers run their blogs as a business, others for a cause, personal gratification or as a way of publicising their writing. My blog is a combination of the last three.

I write to share tips, give useful advice and to bring some of the nicer things into people’s lives like music, art, travel, books, kindness and of course cake recipes.  I find it very therapeutic to get my words out onto ‘paper’ but I’m also working on getting my writing out there to more people launch my freelance writing career.


To be honest I initially had no desire to do Blogmas. Blogtober was a huge undertaking and one that I’m very proud of, but I had set aside the next couple of months to do some site maintenance and update lots of my older blogs.

In 2019 and 2020, I used Blogtober as an excuse to update older posts and bring them up to date and to newer members of my audience. I’ve decided to do the same with Blogmas.

After joining in with a few collaborations about Christmas I got in the mood a little. Then as often is the case with my head, I thought hey why not write a couple more posts about Christmas and add in some updated posts about money saving, kindness and giving, and there’s probably enough for a full month of posts.

And before I knew it I was working full time again to get it done.


I have plenty of varied content from the subjects that I cover on my blog – music, books, recipes, acts of kindness, eco issues and of course some seasonal posts too.  You can read my full Blogmas Schedule below.



If you’re not already a regular reader of Tea and Cake for the Soul, the most effective way to see my posts is to sign up to the email notification service.  You will then receive a teaser post in the morning and can either click through to read the whole post or delete.

You can sign up to this by filling in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL found on the right-hand side if you’re on a desktop or by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your screen if you are on a mobile device.

You can also follow on Twitter or Facebook but chances of seeing them all on social media are less due to their algorithms.


Just like Blogtober, you can link up with other bloggers and join the Facebook groups for a bit of support and link exchanges. Bloggers from all over the world participate in Blogmas just as they did for Blogtober.  Remember to #Blogmas on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s really nice to get to know other bloggers and read what they are writing about for Blogmas.

Click the link text to read my Blogmas Schedule and Blog Challenge Tips. Good luck and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “What is Blogmas? What’s Coming and How to Participate

  1. Good luck and once again, many thanks for my review for Mavis and Dot. I’ll be doing a blog this weekend on bloggers – would it be possible to quote from you. Or, if you have time, could I pm you a couple of questions. I’ll understand if you are too busy.
    Bloggers rule!

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