Upcycled Art and Sculptures

Earlier in the year, I visited Broomhill Sculpture Gardens having passed it quite by chance on the way to the beach whilst staying near Woolacombe for the weekend.

This location is a great spot for photography, walking and general relaxation. There are hundreds of sculptures in various mediums but the upcycled ones strike a chord with me.  I thoroughly recommend it if you’re in the area.

sculpture made from chicken wire of man woman drinking walking
Remind you of anyone?

You can view more photos from the gardens in my review of Broomhill Sculpture Gardens and the hotel that we stayed in if you’re planning a break in North Devon.

I do hope you’ll come back next week to see my photos from the Basingstoke Canal and find out how they’ve been used elsewhere. I will also be sharing lots more photos and reviews from my travels in the UK and USA, so why not sign up to FOLLOW ME if that sounds of interest to you.

Have any of you been to any sculpture gardens anywhere? I’d love to hear about it and see your photos.

Thanks for stopping by.


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