Mavis & Dot Guest Post by Angela Petch

Today I have a guest post from Angela Petch who has written “Mavis and Dot” in memory of her friend Olga who sadly died from Ovarian Cancer. I have not read the book but it is my pleasure to share Angela’s post with you as all profits from this book are being donated to a cancer charity.


“Thanks for inviting me on your blog. Your name is spot on for my two main characters.

Mavis and Dot meet frequently for tea and cake. Both new to Worthington-on-Sea and, having only just bumped into each other, they decide to try out different tea rooms in their seaside town.

In Chapter 2, they escape from the bossy clutches of Mrs Gallsworthy, the formidable organiser of Bridge for the Afternoon. In the Brass Kettle Café, they start to find out about each other. Mavis, although constantly on a battle with the inches, orders a large slice of Victoria Sandwich, whilst Dot sticks to her lapsang souchong brew. She orders seed cake, but the young waitress has never heard of it. Mavis cannot help listening to three ladies enjoying themselves at the next table and she would probably prefer to be with them, rather than sitting opposite Dot, who is turning out to be prickly and difficult.

Glancing at Dot as she sipped her tea, Mavis took in her pinched face and dowdy clothes, thinking she could benefit from a large portion of fish and chips.

The awkward silence was more apparent because of fun and laughter coming from the table next to them, where three ladies were enjoying strawberry cream teas. It was impossible for Mavis not to eavesdrop.

‘She spends all her time getting ready to go on cruises, that one,’ said a woman with orange streaks in her grey hair that made her look like a tiger, ‘and she picks up a new man every time.’

‘Well, I don’t blame her,’ said another of the trio, ‘with that old corpse of a husband holding her back. A girl’s gotta do what a girl needs to do.’

There were cackles of laughter all round.

‘But that’s not all she needs…’ the third woman said, lowering her voice.

Mavis would have liked to have found out what else she needed, but then the waitress appeared with their order and Dot resumed their conversation, ‘Have you lived in Worthington-on-sea for long?’ she asked.

‘Only a couple of months. You?’”

 I wrote “Mavis and Dot” in memory of my friend, Olga, who died of ovarian cancer. We often chatted about opening a tea room together, but sadly it was not to be. And, in any case, my life has now taken me to Tuscany, where I spend six months each year, so it would not work out. However, if we had sold tea and cakes together, I feel sure there would have been plenty of books on the shelves, as well as a teapot collection. Every week there would be an evening in the Café for writers to get together and share their work. We would have guest speakers and make sure that tea, cakes and books were celebrated with joy.”

All profits from the sale of the books will go towards research into the cure for cancer.  Purchase Links

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