October Round-up – November Goals

Wow, this has certainly been a busy month on the blog, so I thought I’d share my October Round-up with you, bring you news of what’s coming in November and tell you about some new features that will be appearing in the new year.

Blogtober Achievements

I managed to write and post varied content every day for the entire month of October for the challenge of Blogtober. It’s been a huge workload for September AND October but I believe I’ve developed a lot of new skills from it and it has surprised me just how much I’m capable of. I will tell you what the top blogs have been at the end of this post.

I gained many new blog followers last month. I believe this was due to Blogtober,  interacting with other bloggers, and working really hard to promote my posts on social media. And of course, the help of a few regular readers who share on Facebook, comment on the blog and RT on Twitter. I am truly grateful.

Blogging isn’t a numbers game for me but I’d still like to welcome new followers to my blog, purely to get my word out to as many people in the hope that it will help others and raise a smile. I’d rather have 10 people follow me who enjoy my blog rather than 100 who don’t. It is a bit of a catch 22 though, as the more likes and comments you get, the more new people will see it!

banner for Blogtober Blogtober18
31 blogs this month for #Blogtober18

Freelance Writing

During October I  was recruited to write as a freelancer for a health company which I am extremely excited about. I’m thinking that I might like to do more of this in the new year.

On the back of this, I have started updating my blog to include a menu with Work With Me, Contact, and Testimonials pages. I was truly humbled by some of the comments made by the people that I’ve previously done work for.

So although Blogtober was a full-time job for 2 months, I’m so pleased that I’ve personally gained so many new skills, increased my self-confidence. And met a few lovely bloggers too.

I have been recruited as a Freelance Writer.

Blog Goals

During the last 6 months, I’ve learnt so much about blogging. It really isn’t just writing about something that you like and pressing enter. So over the next couple of months, I will go back over old posts to bring them up to date, improve my SEO, add new photos, and links, etc.

If I find some spare time (haha!) I’d like to write some more guest posts for other bloggers to get a wider audience for my writing. I think that may have to wait until 2019 though.

Ultimately I want to continue to enjoy blogging and write varied, interesting content that people enjoy.

hands holding an ipod with blog on screen a cup of coffee and some truffles on a white wood table

November News – What’s to Come?

It will be a fairly quiet month in terms of new articles as I will be busy with the aforementioned blog maintenance but I do have a few posts planned for you:

There are more bloggers arriving for an Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul.

I am on a couple more book blog tours in November: one is an excerpt for a chick lit book which is being released to raise money for a cancer charity, and one is a featured poem which fits this blog so well entitled I do not like Peppermint Tea. Yes me neither!

And maybe they’ll be a bit more cake too. Yes, they’ll definitely be more cake, and of the chocolate variety this time – I bet you’re all sick of pumpkin cake eh?

grey background with vintage silver microphone and words Meet the Musician
Meet the Musician – one of many musical features to come.

New Musical Content

I’m really pleased to be adding more music content to the blog. I hope to be launching late December, early January, which will be published weekly on a Saturday. Some of the features will include:

Meet the Musician
10 Albums That Influenced My Life
Gigs That Have Influenced My Life
Songs That Have Meaning

and more personal stories from fans, DJS and promoters.

I just have so much that I want to share with you, it really is a case of not having enough time to publish more. I could write for months with all the ideas buzzing in my head.

Top Posts

Well, the musical posts featuring Mark and Laura were my most popular blogs along with the one I wrote about ecobricks earlier in the year. There seems to have been a lot of media attention about ecobricks recently and thankfully my blog is being picked up in Google searches which has given me some more readers.

The blog that I wrote last year about how to survive a car boot sale continues to be my most viewed post ever, but my Stoptober blog where I shared my tips and story of how I successfully gave up smoking, put that into 5th place this month.

If you missed any Blogtober posts, or just want to know what it is then you can find all the links on My Blogtober Schedule.

Do check out my new drop-down menu to help you navigate Tea and Cake for the Soul, and of course, you can still access old posts via the categories table and search button below on mobile and on the right on a desktop.

What have your favourite posts been? And what subjects would you like to see more of? Please let me know below.

stormy sunset sky pink and orange with text Thanks for Reading

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3 thoughts on “October Round-up – November Goals

  1. Really enjoyed all of your blogs during Blogtober…really varied and something there for everyone to enjoy reading. Well done and looking forward to the new and updated ones!

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