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Updated 1.5.19 – You can now find a complete list of all my guest posts, collaborations and interviews HERE.

As well as welcoming other bloggers here to feature in An Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul, I’ve been visiting some other blogs to appear in their interviews and collaborations. It’s been really nice to get to know some of the other contributors to the blogging world, and the hope is that we’ll get to introduce some new readers to each other’s blogs. Read on to find out where I’ve been and what I’ve been saying about blogging, travel, plastic waste, and books. Of course, maybe you’ll find some new blogs that might interest you too.



I’ve very recently been interviewed by Gemma at Wheelescapades, who asked me some very thought-provoking questions including what rule I would pass if I were Queen! It was a fun interview to do. Go to Gemma’s 20 Questions to see my answers.

blog logo blue writing Wheelescapades Tea Tours and Escapades

Eat Sleep Love Travel

Way back in the Summer I was interviewed on the epic travel blog ESLT. Head on over to their page for a read where I talk about my packing essentials and my favourite travel destinations.

screen shot of website with photo of USA desert road and text interview
Eat Sleep Love Travel


Last month I was interviewed for BloggerVue. Kari of Bloglove2018 and Amanda set up the website to showcase other bloggers. Kari, especially, has been of great support to me always sharing my work. Head on over to their site to read my thoughts on blogging, my travel bucket list and hopes for the future.

screen shot of website



Love, Lust or Bust

I’m pleased to have been part of this collaboration where a selection of bloggers shared their idea of the most romantic place in the world. Have a look to see where I chose and check out the amazing photographs that have been sent in. View on The Ultimate Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations.

screen shot of website with bellagio fountain statue
Love Lust or Bust

Patricia Leslie

Earlier in the year, I was included in the author’s weekly blog feature, where she asks 5 readers 5 questions over 5 weeks, about subjects covering first books, preferred genres, favourite authors and reads and the ever growing To Be Read pile.

screenshot of webpage with grey background and picture of a bookcase

Counting My Spoons

I’ve recently made a contribution to a post on the blog Counting My Spoons about keeping warm in winter. The site is predominantly for chronic illness sufferers but these tips are great for everyone regardless of whether you’re fit or poorly. Have a look at my contribution and see what tips everyone else has shared. It might help you keep warm now that it’s getting a bit colder. Read at Tips & Tricks for Keeping Warm Outside

screenshot of blog with girl wearing a wooly hat
Read my tip and those of others

Bee the Change

Last month I joined a collaborative post for Bee the Change where I share my thoughts on the conflicting information in the media about plastic use. Have a read, and let me know what you think. Bee the Change 2.

screenshot of bee the change logo pic of a mircroohone with bee like stripes
Bee the Change

I’d love to hear your thoughts on excess plastic and what you do to combat it. You can find some ideas on some of the other posts I’ve written:

* Ecobricks
* Reducing Plastic Waste on Holiday
* Price over Plastic?

stormy sunset sky pink and orange with text Thanks for Reading




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