My Blogtober 2018 Prompts & Blogger Link-Ups

I’ve been asked what my biggest blogging achievements are this year and I guess it has to be Blogtober18 and Blogmas18.  One blog post for every single day throughout October and December 2018. Phew!

They have certainly been challenging but ones that I’ve actually been quite proud of. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading. I would really welcome feedback in the comments section of this post about what you’ve liked best.

Here are all the links to my Blogtober 2018 schedule in case there’s any you’ve missed or want to revisit and you can also find links to my Blogmas 2018 schedule at the end of this post.

There are also links to some of the other wonderful bloggers who took part in 2018, some who used prompts and some like me who just wrote subject matter that related to their own blog styles.

My Blogtober Schedule 2018

1.   Cancer Awareness for Life (Health)
2.   Dear Mr Popstar (Book Review)
3.   How I Successfully and Finally Gave Up Smoking (Health)
4.   Poems for National Poetry Day (Reading)
5.   Could you Compliment a Random Stranger? (Kindness)
6.   The Day I Met Robbie Williams (Random)
7.   An Afternoon of Tea & Cake with DIARY OF A DETOUR (Interview Feature)

8.    Chocolate Saltine Toffee       (Recipe)
9.    7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day (Kindness)
10.  Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor (Book Review)
11.   Patriot Speedboat & San Diego Cruises (Travel Attraction Review)
12.   Trick or Treat – Halloween Customs & Photos from Around the World (Celebration)
13.   10 Albums that Influenced My Life by LAURA (Music Feature)
14.    An Afternoon of Tea & Cake with TAYLER SILFVERDUK (Interview Feature)

15.   Fruity Flapjacks (Recipe)
16.   Liberty Station Art Walk (Travel Attraction Review)
17.   The King & The Cockerel  (Children’s Book Review)
18.   Apple Cake (Recipe)
19.   Sex Drive (Book Excerpt)
20.   28 Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness)
21.   An Afternoon of Tea & Cake with A LITTLE BOOK PROBLEM (Interview Feature)

22.   Giant Halloween Cookies & Roasted Seeds (Recipe)
23.   Halloween Pumpkin Cake & Muffins (Recipe)
24.   Mavericks Children’s Books (Book Review)
25.    10 Ways to Reduce Waste in Hotels, Cafes & Bars (Travel & Eco Tips)
26.    Vegetable Curry (Recipe)
27.    Meet the Musician – Mark Palmer (Music)
28.    An Afternoon of Tea & Cake with THE ZEBRA PIT (interview Feature)

29.    How we Saved over £1000 when Renewing our Home & Car Insurance (Money Saving Tips)
30.    I’ve received My First Blogger Award (Blogging)
31.    Where to Find the Best Sunset Locations in California (Travel)

hands holding an ipod with blog on screen a cup of coffee and some truffles on a white wood table

I hope you’ve enjoyed this epic marathon of words and pictures.  I’d really love to hear which posts of mine that you’ve liked the best, or what categories are your favourites.

Did you stop smoking this month for Stoptober, join in with the Pink Party or Wear It Pink? Did you carry out any of the Random Acts of Kindness or follow any of the recipes? Do you have any great sunset spots from California or other locations around the world that you’d like to share?

banner for Blogtober Blogtober18

And thanks to all the fabulous bloggers that I’ve met along the way. Do check them out.

Blogtober Bloggers

Big Family Organised Chaos  – Host for Blogtober each year
The Southerner Blogs
Early Retirement Rocks
Girls Gospel
Clearly Bex
Sarah Beth Blogs
Raisie Bay
Northumberland Mam
Kirsty Through the Looking Glass 
Kristine’s Blog – A Mum Reviews
The Newhouse Family Blog
The Mum Diaries
Toy Infinity
Ickle Pickles Life and Travels
Nicola J Ogston
Me Becoming Mum
This Mummy Loves
Mother Geek
3 Little Buttons

12 thoughts on “My Blogtober 2018 Prompts & Blogger Link-Ups

  1. Wow! Well done – I managed 26 and am calling it quits at that! I really enjoyed the experience but whilst involved in this I fell behind on other blogging targets. I must thank you for your fabulous suport and encouragement. It is very much appreciated

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