Where to Watch 10 Amazing Sunsets in California

Well, this is the last day of Blogtober 18. To finish off the month and the challenge, I thought that I’d bring a little bit of sunshine into these colder months by sharing 10 different locations to watch amazing sunsets in California including San Francisco, Morro Bay, Long Beach Los Angeles, Seal Beach Orange County,  Laguna Beach, Temecula, and various parts of San Diego including  Coronado, Carlsbad, Shelter Island and Oceanside.

Temecula, Riverside

Temecula was the first place that we visited in California and somewhere that I hold dear to my heart for that very reason. Set inland about halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, Temecula is probably most famous for its wine county, golf courses and Perchanga Casino Resort. It has many more great eateries and entertainments, especially in historical Old Town. If you ever get to go there make sure you go and have a massage at Happy Buddha too, I highly recommend it. This picture was taken over the meadow one night and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so beautiful before or since.

red yellow navy sunset sky with tree silhouette
Temecula California


Oceanside, San Diego

Oceanside is a small beach resort close to the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton. There is a beautiful marina, that is not only home to some luxurious boats, but you’ll also spot dolphins and sea lions swimming around there too.

sunset behind palm trees in a marina
Oceanside Marina California


San Francisco

San Francisco has so much to offer outside the usual city attractions and Lands End is one of them. Climb down the many steps to the beach and explore the Sutro Baths Ruins, before watching the sunset over Seal Rock. Alternatively,  walk along the nature reserve pathways for amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

sun setting behind large rock with cloudy sky
Lands End San Francisco California


Coronado, San Diego

Coronado is one of my favourite places in California. Steeped in history with the Hotel del Coronado and surrounded by luxury homes, it also boasts the most beautiful flat sandy beach in San Diego. The ferry landing area will give you great views over the bay but watch the sun set over the cliffs from the beach. You’ll quite often see the naval helicopters and planes coming into land too and if you’re lucky you’ll get a great silhouette sunset shot.

orange sunset over cliffs with sea in foreground
Sunset Cliffs Coronado Beach San Diego California


Long Beach, Los Angeles

This photo doesn’t capture the beauty of this huge red sun setting over one of Thums Islands. Also known as Astronaut Islands, these are four beautifully landscaped islands just off the shoreline of Long Beach, Los Angeles that were built to hide the oil drilling that takes place in the centre of the islands.

red sun sunset over an island of palm trees
Long Beach Los Angeles California


Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo

Higher up the coastline from LA is Morro Bay, a quaint little sea village that is an ideal stop off point if you are road tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway. The quayside is the perfect place to watch the sun setting over the historical Morro Rock. Grab a cool beer or some fish and chips and watch the seals and sealions frolicking in the water.

sun setting behind large rock with cruise boats on waters edge
Morro Bay Rock California


Shelter Island, San Diego

Shelter Island is a recent discovery of ours and is a quiet peninsula at Point Loma. On one side you have stunning views of the city skyline, and on the other is a marina that is also accessible by foot. The sun goes down over the hillside and there are lots of great photo opportunities to capture shots with the seafront gardens and sculptures. Be sure to check out the historic Friendship Bell that was gifted from Japan.

sun setting through cloud over marina of yachts
Shelter Island San Diego California


Carlsbad, San Diego

Carlsbad is close to Oceanside and has quite a different feel to many of the other San Diego beach resorts. Watch the sunset over the sea from either the cliff tops or down on the beach, and then head into the village for food and drinks, or to explore some of the street art on many of the building walls.

sun setting over sea and stony beach surfer coming out of sea
Carlsbad San Diego California


Laguna Beach, Orange County

Laguna Beach is another of my favourite places to visit. A busy art inspired town with an abundance of galleries and busy independent shops. It is equally loved as an area of outstanding natural beauty with hiking areas, cliff top gardens and beautiful beaches with rock pools and caves.

sun setting over sea palm trees and rocks
Laguna Beach California


Seal Beach, Orange County

I’m ending with my favourite place in California, Seal Beach which is just inside Orange County on the border with Los Angeles. I’ve been lucky enough to witness the sun rise up over the mountains early in the morning and then see the sun setting over the LA hills the same evening. When there is a little bit of cloud you witness the most amazing colours in the vastness of the sky.

sun setting behind a lifeguard station with family making sandcastles
Seal Beach Orange County California


There are lots more photos from California in my Facebook albums.  I have already written about some of the above places and I have so many ideas of things I want to share with you all, including reviews and recommendations from all the above places that I’ve visited in California, and more from Nevada and Arizona, and good old England too.

But before you go, have you been to any of the destinations that I’ve mentioned? Do you have your own favourite sunset spots?

banner for Blogtober Blogtober18

So that’s it, the end of October, the end of #Blogtober18. I have one more post coming this evening that I’d welcome feedback on so please check back later tonight.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have and will continue to follow me.

Thanks to all those who continue to share, comment and retweet, it really is much appreciated.

stormy pink sky sun setting over the ocean



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  1. Very well done on completing #Blogtober18 – I’ve still got my last post to write! I would just love to go to California, it’s on my wish list! Will definitely watch the sunset from some of these places when we do get there. 🙂

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