Maverick Children’s Books – 4 Picture Book & Early Reader Reviews

Today I’m pleased to feature a selection of paperbacks from Maverick Children’s Books who release quality picture books and a comprehensive series of early readers. 


My first is a large picture book entitled Not Yet a Yeti written by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Tony Neal. I love that although this is a big book, and we all know how children love big books, it’s still comfortable enough for the adult and child to hold and turn the pages.

It’s a delightful story of baby yeti George, who asks each of his family members “When will I be a yeti?” Each reply with the qualities that he must have before he can become a yeti. However, George doesn’t want to do any of those things and decides to be something else instead. Of course, his family love him and they work out ways that they can all live together in harmony.

It’s a beautiful example of how people and yetis can live together and love each other even with differences. A perfect example to share with children so that they know we are not all the same and it’s ok to be different.

book cover adult yeti in the snow standing on a rainbow with his baby
Not Yet a Yeti by Maverick Children’s Books

My next picture book is Froggy Day written by Heather Pindar and illustrated by Barbara Bakos. Unlike the last story, this one has no underlying message, it is just GREAT FUN! The weather forecaster reports that “Today is going to be froggy ….very froggy!” No, she hasn’t mispronounced foggy it really does start raining frogs… everywhere!

This book will get both adult and child giggling, with plenty of opportunities to explore the pictures and mispronounce the words. And I don’t want to give you any spoilers but the ending is brilliant and opens you up to lots of conversation predicting what is going to happen next.  That in itself is good for younger children to build up their own storytelling skills* and great for older children to invent and write their own story.

book cover of a frog smiling and holding an umbrella
Froggy Day by Maverick Children’s Books

Both picture books featured above are bright and colourful and beautifully illustrated.

*Tip: Although these books have plenty of words in you will find that your children’s first reading books at school will have no words in, only pictures. Many parents are puzzled by this. The reason behind it is so that children learn the art of describing, predicting and storytelling. They need to know that a story has a beginning, middle and end, where to start, how to turn pages carefully and in the right order before even beginning to read words.

THE SPACE RACE (level 3 yellow)
Maverick books have also introduced their own series of phonics-based early readers books which are all levelled in bands to the UK Institute of Educations standards.

The Space Race written by Jenny Jinks and Illustrated by Serena Lombardo is a fun story with lots of repetitive phonic sounds, introducing some number and size language and speech imagery too.

book cover of two rockets in space with alien pilots
The Space Race from Maverick Children’s Books

(level 4 blue)
I Don’t Care said Big Bear is a moral based story of how Big Bear didn’t care enough to help others but then realised she needed help herself. There are lots of repetitive words and phrases needed to learn to read, and more speech displayed in bubbles, showing that written form has many different uses.

Both these early reader books are beautifully illustrated and each has a quiz at the end so that you can make sure that children have understood what they have read and learn how to go back and find the answers.

book cover with a grumpy polar bear
I Don’t Care said Big Bear

All four of these books have kindly been sent to me by Maverick Children’s Books for review consideration. I only feature books that I really love and am happy to share with you as part of my Recommended Reading section, and I have to say that these are fabulous for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Please check out their website for both collections, where you can order online, find teacher resources, and printable colouring pages for images and characters from the books. Let me know if you have a favourite?

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12 thoughts on “Maverick Children’s Books – 4 Picture Book & Early Reader Reviews

  1. We are currently teaching our 5 year old to read and she has just gone onto words. I kind of figured the no words books were to encourage storytelling but we got no information to validate this so thanks!

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  2. These all sound like lovely books, and ones we would have enjoyed when mine where younger, my Daughter must have hundreds of her old books around. My Daughter in law started reading to my Granddaughter when she was a tiny baby and now she loves to sit and hear a story. Am going to look at getting some of these x

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