10 Albums That Influenced My Life by Goth Girl Laura

I have moved this post and all music content onto my other website. You can read this post in full here:

10 Albums That Influenced My Life by Goth Girl Laura

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20 thoughts on “10 Albums That Influenced My Life by Goth Girl Laura

  1. My tastes were a bit more mainstream in those days, and there is definitely a difference in English versus American tastes, but you caught my attention immediately with Kings of the Wild Frontier and Duran Duran. They were both on my radar thanks to MTV, since the radio stations I listened to played neither.

    You had a crush on John Taylor, but I was mesmerized by his command of the bass.

    Great list, even if some are totally unknown to me (see opening statement). Cheers!

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  2. It’s great to tell the story of someone’s life through their music, and I love how Laura moves from the new romantic scene to goth. I have two of these albums, can you guess which ones?!

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  3. I’ve a couple of years on Laura, but those early days were so me, especially the crimped hair. I was with my boyfriend for two years before he realised my natural hair was dead straight! I didn’t follow through to goth or psychobilly (I’ll admit, I’ve not heard of the latter.) But I do still have very eclectic musical tastes and rarely like anything popular. Oh and I lived for John Peel and Kid Jensen on the radio!
    Great read, I’ve even learnt something new 🙂

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