Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor by Faith Bleasdale

After reading several very average books lately (which obviously didn’t get featured in my Recommend Reading section), I had wondered if my reading mojo had disappeared. Thankfully Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor by Faith Bleasdale on Avon Books brought it right back.

girl riding a bike with animals in fields near country house

My thoughts: Pippa Singer is one of four siblings who has been left Meadowbrook Manor following their father’s death. The Singer family plan to turn this lovely old country house into a luxury hotel but have lots of conflicting ideas about how it should be run, so along comes Gemma to pull all together.

There are lots of extended family members at the initial meeting which can be a bit overwhelming not only for Gemma but for the reader too. However, their character traits are introduced gradually so you are not confused as to who is who.

As the ideas start to flow, she finds she not only has to work ways around their thoughts and ideas, but has to make it work with the local community and the family’s charity run animal shelter too.

I loved to see the development of Gemma’s character as she became more confident but still wobbled from time to time. It made her real. I think we all have it in us to do great things if people give us a chance. The Singers were her chance. What a great family network they are and in fact the whole village. I wonder if places like that really do exist.

It has an air of eccentricity almost like a book version of The Vicar of Dibley. As I was reading about the fete I could picture ‘Reg Dwight’ on the tv show and as I read about the character traits of the animals I was imagining the Christmas nativity. Having a visual comparison in my head just made me enjoy it more.

Faith Bleasdale has such a lovely style of writing with a hint of anticipation as to what might happen next. Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor is extremely emotive in places which added an extra dimension to the story. It’s a lovely story about friendship, family, a little bit of romance, a great deal of determination and a happy ending. I loved it and thoroughly recommend this.

Once again I find there is a previous book by the author to check out, but they can be read in any order so that’s “A Year in Meadowbrook Manor” added to the TBR pile as well. It is refreshing to see so many great books out there.
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Please remember that I only share reviews of books that I have thoroughly enjoyed and am happy to include as part of my Recommended Reading.

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