Children’s Books by Curly Tale Books Ltd #BookReview

Today I’m featuring 3 books from Curly Tale Books Ltd which is an independent children’s book publisher that was set up in 2013 by author Jayne Baldwin and author/illustrator Shalla Gray.  They also run their own bookshop in Galloway, South West Scotland, not far from Wigtown, that sells new and pre-loved children’s books . They have an area for children to colour and play (and older relatives to sit!) and regularly hold author events and workshops. It sounds quite blissful doesn’t it.

seagull flying over the sea to a rock
The Quite Big Rock – The blurb: Written by Alan Grant and illustrated by his daughter Shalla Gray, this lovely story follows the journey of a (quite) big rock who dreams of being ‘huge and very big’. Taking the advice of Samson seagull, the rock tries to find his way to the seaside but things don’t work out quite the way he’d hoped. The Quite Big Rock is ideal as a picture book with beautiful illustrations for young children to follow whilst early readers will enjoy the comic book style of the story

My thoughts: I love this book. It’s a nice A4 sized soft back book easy for smaller hands to hold and turn the pages. The illustrations are just as beautiful to adults as they are to children, made more child-friendly by adding facial features to the rock.  There are several repetitive phrases that will encourage children to join in and lots of words that allow for emphasis, as well as speech and thought bubbles for older children. Add it all up and it makes this perfect for an exciting story time.

magnie in flight with cartoon chilli on his back

The Galloway Chilli – The Blurb: The little hot chilli pepper is on the run in this bright new picture book from Shalla Gray.  Follow the fun as the runaway chilli is chased through the Galloway countryside by a curious collection who want to eat her for their tea! Do they catch her? Find out in this fabulous new book.

My thoughts: Another beautiful brightly coloured A4 sized soft back book written in rhyme. This is such a novel idea for a story and is great fun to read as the chilli tries to escape. There are several words that will allow for language progression and understanding for smaller children as well as speech bubbles for older children.  It also covers the life cycle of food and finishes with a bit of an “ahhhh” ending, followed by an activity to go back and study the pictures in further detail. I love books that give a bit more than “just” a story as it gives children more opportunity to study it in depth.

bull in a field eating grass

Big Bill the Beltie Bull  – The Blurb:  This lovely picture book features fabulous watercolour illustrations of Big Bill in his beautiful Galloway home where he’s happiest on his hillside eating grass. When Miss Mowdie the farmer fetches him one day he wonders what’s going on. He gets a wash and a haircut, what could be going on? When he finds himself being taken to the local agricultural show he wonders what’s going to happen next. Find out in this lovely new book by the author of Charlotte’s Woolly Yarn and illustrator of The Quite Big Rock.

My thoughts: This is an A5 sized paperback picture book. A wonderful rhyming story in a similar vein to Hairy McLairy that is a pleasure to read and be read to. A lovely story with a light humour and brightly coloured illustrations.  I love the children’s comments on the back cover of the book.

drawing of front of books shop

You can purchase all these books and more direct from Curly Tale Books Ltd in store or online or check out their ever growing list of stockists.

stormy pink sky sun setting over the ocean




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