Maisy Plays Football by Lucy Cousins #BookReview

Award winning author Lucy Collins clearly hit a winning formula with her “Maisy” books as they have been around forever.  They have bright illustrations, a clear printed text and simple characters with great easy to remember names. Aimed at Pre-school and Early Years children, this series of books tell the stories of many first experiences that children can identify with.

Right on topic at the moment, the book today is Maisy Plays Football. In this story, there is lots of opportunities for children to join in by cheering the teams and repeating the made-up words like Bouf and Foumfff. As an educator, I like that there are so many Early Years goals aided in this book with ordering, colours, turn-taking and directional language. As a mum, it’s a fun story that is long enough to sit and read for some cosy time and shows that it’s good to enjoy activities and that you don’t always have to win.

I was lucky enough to win this book in a recent Curly Tale Books Ltd Facebook competition.  There was no requirement to review or promote, but as an Early Years educator I have a keen interest in young children’s books and like to share good things. Please do check them out below and of course your own local independent bookshops. This book will now be donated for a young child to enjoy.

Book cover mouse duck alligator playing football

The Blurb – A story of a first football game from the multi-award-winning creator of Maisy. Today is a big day for Maisy and her friends as they head to the football pitch. Eddie, Cyril, and Maisy are on the red team; Tallulah, Charley and Dotty are on the blue! The referee blows the whistle and they’re off! Passing, diving, and scoring, what an exciting game! The blue team have scored at half time, but what will happen next and who will score the next goal? Just wait for the final whistle! It’s more fun with Maisy!

About Curly Tale Books Ltd – “We’re an independent children’s bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town (celebrating 20 years of book town status this year). We sell new and pre-loved children’s books from baby to teen/young adult. We have an area for children to colour and play (and older relatives to sit!). We regularly hold author events and workshops. We’re also publishers of children’s picture books including the Big Bill series featuring the local cattle breed, Belted Galloways.”

stormy pink sky sun setting over the ocean


2 thoughts on “Maisy Plays Football by Lucy Cousins #BookReview

  1. It’s a shame my football-loving son is too old for this book but I will definitely buy it for friends with younger ones – it looks like an ideal present for boys and girls alike!


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