Review Policy

Tea and Cake for the Soul is something that I am passionate about. The things that I feature in my blog posts are generally items that I have purchased myself and I have felt were so good, they deserved to be shared.

I do get review requests and I will consider products if they are likely to be of interest to me or my readers. If you have something that you would like me to review, please read below to see my terms for accepting and reviewing, and have a look at my blogs to make sure that you like my style of writing.

To my blog readers
As always, my reviews will be in the format of recommendations only. I rely on reviews when making my purchases and will only share something that I feel is good or outstanding. I do not share items that are anything less. You can be assured that my opinions are 100% honest and I will clearly disclose if I receive an item for review.

Review or Not?
Please note that sending something for review does not guarantee a review. I will only publish if I love a product. If I don’t, I will be happy to provide feedback privately but I am very much of the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all” mindset. I am also aware just how much goes into creating a book or piece of music or art, for example, and just because something isn’t to my liking, it may be to someone else’s. It’s all down to personal taste and I am not here to criticise anyone. We are all just trying to get by, aren’t we?

Where I share
I publish all my recommendations here on this blog and they automatically publish to Tea and Cake for the Soul’s social media pages. I always add my posts to relevant Facebook groups and to artist/author/manufacturer profiles. I also share on my own personal pages and music blog if applicable. Travel related reviews are posted to Tripadvisor, and/or Book reviews will be added to NetGalley if supplied from there.

Review Duplication
Review blogs are copyrighted to Tea and Cake for the Soul. Please do not duplicate in full elsewhere without prior consent. I am, of course, more than happy for you to publish a line or two excerpt providing it is linked back to the original review here on my blog.

Review Background
Over the years, I have also been a member of several review panels including, Phillips, Boots, Tesco, Talk Health, Surcare, Amazon and many smaller outfits such as Tryit, Home Panels, SuperSavvyMe, Bzzagent, TryBe and TRND.

I have been published on/in
I have taken part in discussions for promotion and new product lines with Dr Martens.  I have had many reviews, features, interviews and photos published in/on numerous CDs, books, magazines and websites. I also run a music related blog and social media pages for several bands where I have published interviews, reviews and biographies as well as maintaining live gig listings. Full details.

What I will consider – Products and Services
Art & Crafts
– media, products and supplies
Food –  all food inc desserts, snacks, drinks,  ingredients, especially gluten and/or dairy free
Health and personal care sundries, including relaxation aides
Home and Garden appliances and products
Travel –accessories and services including accommodation, attractions and meals out
Adult Books – Rom Com, Chick Lit, Women’s Novels, Poetry, some Non-Fiction especially travel and music related – Print or Kindle
Children’s Books* – Fiction and Non-Fiction for Early Years and Key Stage One – Print copies only
Magazines – Women’s, Arts & Crafts, Hobbies – Print only

(*please note that I am also an Early Years Educator so where possible I will include both mine and children’s opinions)

If you have something that you think I might like to feature and would like to work with me then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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Privacy Policy


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