How to get FREE books, music and films legally

Like many people, I tend to read most of my books on Kindle and listen to music on my iPod, so I now buy Ebooks and mp3s.  I have been an Amazon Prime customer for a couple of years now and use it not only for free deliveries but for the TV programmes and photo storage.

Most of the time we don’t need a next day delivery and in the last year we found out that sometimes there is a “no rush” option which earns you a £1 credit to use against digital music, books and films. Many books, music tracks and sometimes films are only 99p, so with each £1 credit, you can get a purchase for free. And you can let it build up enough to buy a whole album or full priced book or film.

I am totally against any illegal downloads. I have many musician and writer friends and they don’t earn much from it as it is. But who’s going to say no to free books, music and films if they are downloaded legally and still supporting the artists?

The Amazon Terms and Conditions state that it is available on selected product orders. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern for it but it’s always worth having a look if you’re ordering anyway. I find that they seem to offer it for a period of time then stop again for a while.  By ordering one item at a time you may qualify for a credit on each item.

Many people don’t know about this option so I thought I’d share with you. Here’s how to do it:

If you already have Prime, add your shopping items to the basket as normal. You will see that it automatically defaults to next day delivery.

screen shot of amazon prime check out box with different delivery options available

Choose the FREE No-Rush Delivery option. You will then see a notification under your Order Summary that you have a No Rush Reward. Once your item has been dispatched you will get an email entitled Benefit Confirmation of O/N …… In this email, you will see an expiry date for the offer (several months long but save your email to keep track of it).

You can use these to get money off, or build up your credits to legally get free, digital books, music and films. And, of course, the authors and artists still get their royalties.

screen shot of an amazon prime order check out form with various delivery options

I hope this helps if you are already an Amazon customer and didn’t know of the service. Check out some of my Recommended Reading and find more money saving ideas in my Top Tips & How To section.

Do you use this service?
Or have you worked out which type of items you get this offer on?
Please let us know in the comments below.


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