How To Give To Charity On a Budget – The Penny Jar Project

I came across The Penny Jar Project on Facebook a couple of years ago. It is a worldwide ongoing project and you can start and finish whenever you want.

The event was set up by Martin P Foster  and is such a simple way of being able to donate a little to charity when you are on a budget. You’ll barely notice that you are spending any money.   It would be wonderful if everybody could set this up in their workplace as well as their home.

The idea behind the scheme is that you choose what coin you want to save, be it a penny, 5p, 10p or higher value. Then every time that you receive that coin in your change you put the penny into a jar. Hence the name the Penny Jar Project.

At the end of the month, season or year, you then have a count up and give that money to someone in need. It could be a charity, homeless person or your local foodbank for example.

Make a difference to a person’s life, one penny at a time…

You can find out more info on the Facebook Event and of course, if you click attending then it will show in your newsfeed, or better still invite your friends to join in and set up their own Penny Jar Projects too.

The Penny Jar Project Tea and cake for the soul

Even if you don’t want to participate it would be lovely if you could give this a share, please.  Do you have any other ideas for giving to others when you are on a budget yourself?

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