4. Self Help For Your Mental Health – Learn About & Accept Mental Illness

For a very long time, I was frustrated and angry and scared that I had depression. I had many questions that nobody could answer: Why me? What reason did I have to be depressed? When would I get better? What could I do to make it go?

Of course, nobody could tell me. I had clinical depression, there was no underlying cause, I just had to ride it out and wait.  But the one thing I could do was to learn and then accept that I was suffering with my mental health.

The more knowledge you get, the more you will start to understand how the illness works. Rather than looking for answers that cannot be given, start to accept that you have an illness, and only then will you start the road to recovery. Mental illness is fuelled by fear, take away the fear and you take away the fuel.

Read and learn all you can about depression, anxiety and mental illness

* Get books from the library
* Look at the free titles on Kindle Unlimited
* Read info on websites by professional organisations
* Read blogs or self help forums where people share personal stories.
* Listen to audio books, podcasts or YouTube.

Keep listening and reading until you find something that clicks.

The turning point on my first bout of depression was listening to some c60 tapes that were given to me by my mum’s friend. (Yes I know I’m really showing my age now!) They were called “Self Help For Your Nerves” by Dr Claire Weekes.

I listened to them over and over, I found her voice calming and eventually her message sunk in, that message was “ACCEPTANCE”. Whatever had caused my illness had happened, past tense.

In order to get better, I needed to learn to accept that I was ill and that I would get better one day. Nobody could tell me when. The fear of what was happening was fuelling it and making me more anxious.

I then went on to read more of her books and reread them again and again over the years as it just clicked for me.  Of course, there are many more titles and authors out there, it’s just a case of finding something that you like the feel of.

Some people prefer to read books written by celebrities and Danny Baker has written several.  Or if you like an instruction manual, read the “Dummies” version.  Most of these are available on Kindle or e-reader too.


Have you found anything that helped you learn about or accept mental illness?
Feel free to share any suggestions below.

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