My New Sideboard – Annie Sloan Upcycle

I was looking for a bigger sideboard. I had a vague idea in my head but didn’t seem able to find what I wanted. I tend to buy second hand pieces when I can, as I regularly change my mind and decor and do like a bit of a project. I was quite happy to spend around £50 but this came up on my local Freebay site and as nobody had claimed it I sent my husband off to collect it.


I did a bit of research as I’d only repainted unvarnished real wood before. There seemed to be various options open to me but the quickest method was going to be using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It’s not available on most high streets but as my husband was in the area of a stockist, he picked me a can up. It cost around £18 in store which initially sounded a lot, but you don’t have to use a primer with it and this worked out the most cost effective priced per litre. Other makes are also available online.

The Annie Sloan site said there was no need to rub down but I did give it a little go just to be on the safe side. (The sideboard smelt strongly of furniture polish so I wasn’t sure what was on it.) I hacked off all the plastic trimming as I couldn’t have painted over it. This did leave some marking on the doors but it’s barely noticeable. Then I washed down with hot soapy water and left to dry.

I removed all the doors, drawers and fixings and set about with my first coat using a large emulsion brush, followed by a second and even a third coat around the edges where the colour was still seeping through. I used Johnson’s Satinwood inside the cupboards which did cover just as well and only cost £4 a tin on sale in Asda.

Handles were sprayed with a couple of thin coats of silver multipurpose spray.

This was my first project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The website recommended a wax or finish but several people advised against it when using white so I have left as is.

It’s certainly not perfect but I’m happy with it as an experimental piece. It does the job intended and cost me a grand total of £22 to complete.

Have you upcycled furniture before or used Annie Sloan? I’d love to see your projects in the comments below.

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